Peter Roussel: The Thread of Tantra Workshop

July 4, 2009 - July 12, 2009
Tags : | asana | hatha yoga | meditation | pranayama | tantra

This workshop is about Total Hatha Yoga practice: exploring deeply the inner world through the three most important Hatha Yoga practices of Meditation, Pranayama and Asana. In this Workshop we will combine these three in detail and how they relate to one and other.

Each module will be composed of all three practices but will have an emphasis on one. Spending longer on that specific practice allows more detail to be shared and most importantly deeper experience of the effects of the practice. The workshop is designed to be progressive.

By attending all three modules the student will gain a good understanding of the relationship that these ancient practice share with each other. There will be question time at the end of each module so students are able to remember the connections between the various 'limbs' of Yoga.

Throughout there will be pointers as to how the practices can enable the student to discover more about themselves and how the various practice are mutually supportive. Suggestions will be given about self practice and those wanting more detailed input for their self practice can book with Peter for One to One self practice study sessions.

Module 1: Meditation

July 4th, 08:00-10:30

In Meditation we learn to perceive on a subtle level, with practice we refine and strengthen inner perception- essential for self understanding and correct yogic practice. This workshop with start with asana to prepare us for sitting followed by a longer period of meditation. There will be detail of the physical practice of sitting upright before the meditation. The meditation will be guided before a period of half an hour of silence for you to explore the techniques (posture and witnessing awareness) that have been presented. After resting there will be time for questions.

Module 2: Pranayama

July 11th, 08:00-10:30

In Pranayama practice we continue to refine our attentive capacity. We learn to witness the unstable nature of the mind. Using the breath as a focus we make the mind steady. Harnessing the power of Prana with specific routines of traditional Pranayama we heal and clean the systems of the body and mind. This module will begin with a short guided meditation and some basic asana to prepare. We will then explore in detail a series of pranayama. This workshop requires sitting up for an extended period of time and includes some strong practices. It is advised that students do at least a little asana on their own before joining this workshop.

Module 3: Asana

July 12th, 08:00-10:30

In Asana practice we prepare the physical and energetic body for Meditation and Pranayama. And yet at a certain point in the evolution of your practice Meditation and Pranayama become an inner foundation for the outer expression of practicing asana. This module will begin with a short Meditation and Pranayama session before moving into a dynamic asana sequence that explores how inversions steady and cool the mind and how back bending opens the spine for a free flow of energy. It is advised that students have a good understanding of the foundation principles of asana before joining this workshop (e.g. YogaJaya courses such as the 8 week "Building the Foundation to Free the Spine Course” or the equivalent).

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