Simon Borg-Olivier Inversions In Detail Workshop

July 21, 2009 - July 22, 2009
Tags : | asana | bandha | hatha yoga | inversions | mudra | yoga synergy

Mudras are the most important ways to move energy and information through the body in yoga. Viparita Karani Mudra represents all of the inverted yoga postures. This two evening workshop will show practitioners how to develop a safe and effective inverted yoga practice. Course space Limited. Confirmation by advanced booking only.

Module 1: YogaSynergy Inverted Postures (Level I)

July 21st 18:45-21:15

In this module, Simon shows how develop a safe and effective inverted yoga practice. He will teach the bandhas of the arms and spine that are necessary to successfully approach and eventually master handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulderstand. Simon broke his neck nearly 30 years ago and has successfully used inverted postures to help his neck heal and strengthen. During this module Simon will teach special YogaSynergy techniques for the release of the neck following headstand and shoulderstand. These neck releasing postures are as important to learn as the inversions themselves and they make a really effective therapy for people with problems in the neck or the upper back. In this introductory inversion module you do not have to already be able to do headstand or shoulderstand to attend nor are you required to actually do an inversion in the actual class.

Module 2: YogaSynergy Inverted Postures (Level II)

July 22nd 18:45-21:15

This module is ideal for more experienced practitioners who are already practicing some inversions. During this module Simon will teach more advanced arm balancing postures plus a series of variations in headstand and shoulderstand. Simon will explain how to learn to use the inversions to reduce the need for food and sleep. The use of pranayama and bandha in inversions will also be introduced. Presentation of the teaching material is such that each exercise can be practiced at many varying levels of difficulty from a simple and easier to perform version to a challenging complex version. Ideally you should have attended the Level I module or have previously worked with Simon before attending this course.

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