Simon Borg-Olivier: Moving Energy with Yoga

October 25, 2008 - October 26, 2008
Tags : | asana | hatha yoga | pranayama | vinyasa | yoga synergy

How to use asana (posture), vinyasas (movement) and pranayama (breath control) to move prana (energy) and citta (consciousness) through the nadis (subtle channels of the body).

It can be said that the main purpose of yoga is to realize that our individual consciousness and the universal consciousness are one; but the practical purpose of hatha (physical) yoga is to enhance the connections within our physical body. This is best achieved by clearing physical blockages in the body and allowing the free movement of energy and information through the subtle channels. In this workshop Simon will teach practical ways to unblock your body and circulate energy and information in its various forms through the blood vessels nerves and acupuncture meridians. You will be shown how to develop your yoga practice towards being effortless, relaxing and energizing, with increased strength and flexibility. This type of practice is also very therapeutic and can be adapted for use in all situations. Each module is progressive and the last module will include a 90 minute lead meditative dynamic to static practice that will consolidate the teachings of the workshop.

Each module will consist of comprehensive postures (asana), movements (vinyasas) and specific breath-control (pranayama) approached from different angles, and will encompass the Yoga Synergy essence that Simon has developed through decades of regular practice.

Module 1: Connections within our physical body

October 25th Saturday morning 09:15-12:15

This module will take us into the introductory phase of connecting to our body via physical postures (asanas) that move energy, active movements (vinyasas) that elicit natural reflexes, and specific breath-control (pranayama) that gives stability while calming the nerves.

Module 2: Clearing physical blockages

October 25th Saturday afternoon 13:15-16:15

The experienced yogi rarely feels stretching or tension in yoga. Even the most complicated postures are ideally just simple movements that may lengthen some muscles while activating others. This module explores the dynamics of free movement of energy and information through the subtle channels in the body and shows how it can open the potential for deeper practice. Energy and information can be essentially ‘pulled through’ lengthened relaxed regions of the body but are ‘pushed away’ from the compressed and active region of the body.

Module 3: Relaxing and energizing, with increased strength and flexibility

October 26th Sunday morning 09:15-12:15

Progression in yoga calls for a better understanding of how to use the strength from certain muscle groups, to release tension in others. In this module the various types of mula bandha (including nauli and lauliki) and uddiyana bandha are incorporated into simple movements and postures in order to strengthen the weak parts of the spine while relaxing and opening the stiff parts of the spine.

Module 4: Progression in action

October 26th Sunday afternoon 13:15-16:15

This module teaches the essence of dynamic meditation, its relationship to moving energy and information, and how it can be used to reach a blissful state of static meditation. This session includes a lead meditative dynamic to static practice that consolidates the teachings of the course.

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