Tanzmoto: Expressive Perspectives with Tanzmoto Body Movement/Yoga Workshops

February 17, 2013 - February 24, 2013
Tags : | asana | body movement | contemporary dance | dance | hatha yoga | improvisation | tanzmoto

In this workshop participants will explore principals of moving the body, including different interpretations of movement and improvisation. Based on applications from contemporary dance and yoga, Essen based professional dancers Maria Lucia Agón and Mohan C. Thomas of Tanzmoto Dance Company will offer a unique mix of ideas to enhance personal awareness through practice methodology and expression through the art of dance movement.

Although it is recommended to participate the entire workshop, each session can be attended individually.

Module 1: Moving Principals and Body Expression
February 17, 10:30-14:00

This session will include:

Focus: “In stillness” and “In movement” (enhancing presence, consciousness, awareness, alertness)

Alexander Technique: Visualisations of aligning brain, muscle and bone as a preparation application

Brain Gym: Exercises on building the bridge between cognitive and somatic brain function

Rhythm based movement: Applications for the entire body - spine, legs, upper body, and core

Floor work elements: Based on gravity, flow and release techniques

Swing and jump: Exercises exploring momentum dynamics

Dance choreography: Combinations with technical elements based on yogic principals

Diagonals: Applications on how to improvise freely

- walking and running in different directions

- qualities/dynamics of movement: fast, slow, balancing, breaking, floating, still, lyrical, narrative, emotional

Stretching combinations: Different methods to release through the lengthening of muscles

Module 2: Interpretation & Improvisation
February 24, 10:30-12:30 & 13:30-15:30

This session will include:

Movement Interpretation: Understanding various ways of movement through personal expression

Individual Improvisation: Through various themes including fantasy, music and space

Partner Improvisation: With nonverbal dialogs (being alert through listening), using different techniques including body resistance, weight, lifting, contact improvisation and expression of emotional states

Elemental Improvisation: Inspired by the elements of nature (individual, partner and group work)

Environmental Improvisation: Through props and obstacles in physical space (individual and group work)

Creative Guiding: Partner work exercises for enhancing equanimity and trust

Partnering Basics: Working with dynamics in momentum through grips & lifts

Release Phase: The use of Body Mind Centering through body work applications including massage and movement therapy

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