The Discipline of Yoga: Sakshin Ghatastha Yoga - Workshop with Dali

June 26, 2010 - June 27, 2010
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If you want to change the physical structure of your body, the first step is awareness directed onto breath in the postures. In this workshop Dali will focus on the subtle adjustment of breath as a thread to transform the students inner attitude, to create a sense of lightness in the students practice.

The skillful use of Karana (combined movements of hands and feet) to cultivate awareness and develop a strong foundation in Sakshin Ghatastha Yoga will be taught. Dali will share his knowledge of specific sequenced yoga asana, to build internal fire and demonstrate how to direct this energy to dissolve life stresses that over time manifest inside the body causing energetic and structural misalignment.

In this workshop Dali will enlighten you with the ancient traditional teachings, finely tuning the art of positioning the body in movements of Standing, Sitting, Twisting, Forwards, Backwards and Spiraling.

Sakshin Ghatashta Yoga is a dynamic flowing style of Yoga comprised of techniques for transforming the subtle essences of the body and developing its energy channels.

Sakshin Ghatastha is a system of Hatha yoga. This style aims to achieve maximum results with minimal expenditure of energy. The different asana used in the many grades of Sakshin Ghatastha have been arranged to bring a rich supply of blood to the brain and various parts of the spinal column. Asana work by stretching, bending and twisting the spinal column in many directions. This promotes the health of the nerves that extend from the spinal column to the internal organs, limbs and extremities.

Historically Ghatastha Yoga has been used as a synonymous term for Hatha Yoga. The process of Hatha Yoga performed as a meditation in action brings mastery of the mechanism of the mind and leads to increased consciousness.

Module 1: Prana mudra, Sukshama Vyayama, Agnisara and Sthana - the art of positioning the body whilst standing

June 26th 08:00-10:30

As we age, the stresses of life’s daily activities have major effects on the deterioration of movement in the ankles, hips, shoulders, wrists and neck. This session will focus on linking the breath and its Kumbakas (retentions) in Sukshama Vyayama, movements to improve circulation of Prana and blood to these joints. Students will discover the significance of Agnisara in the practice of Yoga not only to aid their digestion but to develop an awareness of initiating the yoga practice from their energy center.

The art of positioning the body while standing is called Sthana, it is the correct application of moving and isolating the bodies bone structure so that the muscle skeletal system can relax. Sthana begins to open the energetic pathway by generating internal heat the element for transformation. The fundamental movement in Sthana builds a strong foundation, to move steadily and comfortable in posture of all degrees of practice.

Module 2: Samasthana - the art of positioning the body with equal stance

June 27th 08:00-10:30

The tallest tree has the deepest roots, the student will learn to enter into a state of reducing unnecessary effort and allow the bodies natural unfolding to take place. Samasthana or equal stance is the progressive opening of the energetic channels as preparation to extend Prana to the peripheral body. The techniques employed in this session will give the student confidence and the understanding of how to move into an advanced asana practice by awakening the dormant energy inside the body, allowing the superficial stiffness to slowly dissipates.

It is highly recommended to attend the entire workshop to benefit from the progressive nature of the content.

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