Tranquility Within: Yin Yoga - Workshop with Jacqueline Hargreaves

October 30, 2010 - October 31, 2010
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This workshop will develop your skills of observation, sensitivity and intuitive responsiveness in order to cultivate tranquility within. We will nourish the meridians in the upper and lower body by using a sequence of floor poses that directly enhances the movement and distribution of vitality. This rejuvenating practice will elicit your body’s natural healing response to repair and balance areas of focus. It might be described as “taking your acupuncturist with you to yoga!”

Open to all levels.

Module 1: Pure Heart - Opening the Upper Body

October 30th 08:00-10:30

Mindfully moving the upper limbs, neck, chest, diaphragm and thoracic spine according to the principles of Yin Yoga can help to address chronic stiffness in the neck, shoulders and upper back. We will use supported postures to help correct poor postural habits, alleviate muscular tension, as well as tone the internal organs of the Heart, Lungs, Large and Small Intestines.

Stiffness or misalignment in this area of the body often indicates a Kapha dosha (phlegm imbalance). This can cause disorders such as congestion, respiratory problems, heaviness through weight gain and lack of energy. On an emotional level, it can adversely affect our ability to “go with the flow” and result in feelings of apprehension and fear.

Opening the upper body removes the weight of daily tensions and raises the spirits, enabling you to view the world through a pure and open heart!

Module 2: Enlightened Spine, Enlightened Mind - Freedom in the Lower Body

October 31st 08:00-10:30

We will learn supported Yin Yoga postures that use the lower limbs like levers to free the base of the spine. Misalignments in the spine are often caused by stiffness in the hips, groins and sacral area. This area of the body is known as the meridian super highway as it nourishes the Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, and their respective hollow organs of the Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder and Stomach. By mindfully working the lower body, we will strengthen the major internal organs responsible for overall health and wellbeing.

Restriction of movement or congestion in the lower body can often indicate a Vata dosha (wind imbalance). This can cause anxiety, nervous reactions, dryness, constipation, insomnia, just to name a few (since the Ayurvedic texts indicate that Vata imbalances are the underlying cause of about 70% of all diseases of the body).

This practice will help to stablise Vata, induce relaxation and leave you feeling steady and calm. It is the perfect preparation for seated Meditation. Freedom in the lower body enlivens the spine and enlightens the mind.

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