YogaJaya Hatha Yoga Basic Course with Patrick Oancia

January 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008
Tags : | asana | hatha yoga | Patrick Oancia

Yoga practice is an essential part of living a positive life. Over this 4-6 week course, YogaJaya will work together with the students to build the strong foundations of a regular yoga routine. This course will be taught by YogaJaya qualified top teaching instructors.

This course is designed to give the beginner an insight into the physical practice of yoga. Emphasis will be placed on the significance of the physical practice, as well as introductory explanations on how to utilize yoga for complete wellbeing.

Upon completion of the course, the student will have a solid foundation to attend YogaJaya level 1 to 3 public classes and specialized workshops.

Topics covered:

* Introduction: Outline of Yoga

* Awareness of the body

* Strength for stability

* Sun salutations: warming-up for yoga practice

* Standard posture groups in relation to multi-style hatha yoga

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