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Akiko Miyahara

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Akiko was born in the city of Yokosuka, in Kanagawa Prefecture, but spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia. She remembers how the huge sun and endless horizons of the Arabian peninsula led her to see human beings as weak next to the powers of nature. But returning to Japan in her teens, she got involved in Kendo, the traditional Japanese fencing art, rising to the level of a team captain. Kendo brought her around to recognizing the amazing degree of power within people.

Her Buddhist mother and a father experienced in international affairs drew Akiko into discussions on ideals and friendship. As a student at Tokyo’s Aoyama University she studied Buddhism, philosophy, and international affairs. She also met lifelong friends, one of them her husband, and students from other universities with whom she shared a deepening interest in politics and economics.
Akiko’s appreciation of motivating forces in society led her to join Link and Motivation, a company that encourages adults to seek out their dreams. She left after getting pregnant and deciding to refocus her energies on things even more fundamental. Akiko has since taught yoga at studios, NPOs, childcare centers and old people’s homes, while simultaneously being a housewife, a mother and even the manager of a salon for mothers and children.

She completed the Yoga Alliance 200-hour training and further refined her yoga at workshops by Chuck & Matty and Simon Borg-Olivier. She studied yoga therapy at the Swami Vivekananda Research Foundation. Her faith in continual learning drives Akiko to share her experiences from her own self-practice.
Akiko’s present focus is on the deep importance of gentle breathing. Akiko believes that her growing appreciation of the Bhagavad Gita has spread yoga throughout her being, bringing her closer and closer to her deeper self. Akiko is on a journey into self, into societal understanding, and into dynamically influencing all around her.