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Amber Spear

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Born and raised in Australia Amber’s main passion since her very first steps has been movement and the exploration of human potential. During the first 15 years of her life trained Amber in Classical Ballet, and enjoyed further explorations of other dance styles including latin and ballroom pursuing these to high levels of competition. Martial arts followed and within 8 years Amber earned 3 black belt levels in 3 different martial arts. The year 2003 introduced contemporary Pilates to her teaching repoitoire, showing the art of movement control translated in this system to be a perfect accompaniment in helping students to infuse mind into body on the breath of Yogic asana.

Amber teaches from a qualified Iyengar Yoga base, interwoven with a love of creative vinyasa flow sourced from her many years of various explorations and offers Remedial & Yoga Therapy from her base in Perth Western Australia.

For the past 20 years Ambers love of Yoga has disciplined and inspired her to trek to the highest mountains of the Himalayas, study with masters and explore many styles of the practice and meditation including Vipassana.

When not enjoying the surf of her favourite Australian beaches and precious time with loved ones, Amber presently travels the world teaching in such locations as Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Malaysia enamouring to share her diverse knowledge of the art of Yoga and the inspirations of living.