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Clive Sheridan

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Clive Sheridan was born in the UK and has spent over 4 decades studying and practicing Hatha Yoga, exploring the subtle and creative aspects of this art and science. Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, have been his channels to awaken the energies of body, breath and mind revealing the inner mysteries of Yoga indicated in the old texts.

Advaita and Tantra are the source of the teachings that Clive shares for living in the present, in harmony and joy, in man’s ever-challenging world. In his Satsangs, he reminds us of our potential to ‘Open the Heart and Clear the Mind’.

Clive has been the main teacher and inspiration to many acclaimed teachers worldwide, and advocates a humble approach, that encourages personal freedom and inner peace. Clive has been giving Yoga retreats and workshops in Europe, Asia and more recently, in Australia since the mid-70’s. After spending half his life in India, he is now residing in the hills outside Byron Bay, Australia.