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Erika Arakawa

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Erika’s profound experiences with yoga originated from her travels abroad in Boston and Costa Rica. Upon returning to Japan, she persevered with her practice, later enrolling and completing theYoga Arts Level 1 Teacher Training. She felt her practice deepen immensely, and the comprehensive nature of the course took her to the next level of understanding her progress in yoga development.

Erika’s background is in Mathematics. For ten years she was involved in children’s education with focus on teaching mathematics, planning classes, developing educational tools, and writing columns in connection to her work as a teacher and developer. She drew great pleasure and generated a tremendous amount of positive energy through this work. She feels that her knowledge of Mathematics and education, coupled with yogic understanding, can help serve a positive contribution to society.
Her initial difficulties struggling to perform the dynamics of yoga postures, had helped Erika become more in tune with her personal limitations. In turn, it made her realize that anyone can overcome personal boundaries through dedicated practice.. This is what she wishes to share with others as a teacher of hatha yoga.

Erika is certified as a RYT under the International Yoga Alliance.