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Gwen Bell

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Gwen began studying yoga when she was a teenager in America. Her interest in yoga developed as part of a rehabilitation to cope with having bursitis in her hips. At the same time she was dealing with the death of her mother. She found that yoga provided a way for her to come to terms with the loss of her mom with deepened emotional balance and clairity. She found yoga is a path that leads to balance, healing and understanding of one’s own body and needs, as well as responding to one’s own intuition.

Her yoga studies coincided with her budding interest in Zen and Pure Land Buddhism. She has studied meditation and yoga with teachers from around the world. Her yogic studies led her to recently completing her teacher-training in Austin, Texas.

Gwen’s personal path to healing is reflected in the way she teaches her classes. She teaches mindfully and has deepened her practice from having reciprocally learned from her students in the process.Her appreciation for yoga has led her to open her own yoga studio (Yoga Garden) in Motomachi, Yokohama, Japan.

She teaches a dynamic and relaxing style of yoga with an emphasis on self-awareness and listening to your own body limits. Her classes focus on linking the breath and the postures, with emphasis on body and motion.

When she’s not teaching, Gwen continues her study with Japanese language, yoga, tai chi and meditation as well as consciously growing and expanding her business with integrity.