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Julie Tran

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Born and raised in Canada, Julie teaches at an international school in Tokyo. She earned her degree in education at the University of Western Ontario, Ontario, Canada. She has taught students of all ages, and greatly enjoys teaching as a way of sharing the joy of knowledge.

Julie has a background of ten years in the study and performance of classical ballet and modern dance. She has trained in Canada and the United States.

When she arrived in Japan several years ago, Julie first lived in Gunma-Ken. She worked there as a teacher and also found the time to put a high level of commitment into developing her own Yoga practice. Julie originally started Yoga as a way to keep fit. Yoga eventually became Julie’s outlet for physical expression.

Moving to Tokyo in 2007, Julie continued to focus heavily on her Yoga practice. She increasingly appreciated her practice for much more than its physical benefits. Julie found her way to YogaJaya through a fortunate series of events. She began to take public classes to supplement her already developed personal practice. She then decided to add Yoga to her repertoire as a professional educator. Julie enrolled in the Teacher Training at YogaJaya and completed the 200-hour program.

During her intensive Teacher Training, Julie found herself assessing her past and present life. Reviewing her life enabled her to develop deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance. The result of this connection to her being, was a fundamental transformation that has affected her in a positive way.

Julie is passionate about learning through Yoga and about sharing her knowledge with others. She uses her Yoga practice to find truth, balance, and peace. Yoga allows Julie to experience a deep connection to the world. Through her classes, Julie aims to help students find their own truths.

Julie is a YogaJaya Accredited Teacher (YJAT300) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with the Yoga Alliance.