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Junko Saito

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Junko has worked as a flight attendant for 7 years, but the stress from overloading schedule led to her losing balance both physically and mentally. Around the same time, she encounters yoga, something that has always interested her, in her numerous backpack travels and psychedelic music trips. Though traveling reduced her stress, her heart was unsatisfied and decided to leave her job without a clear solution. At this point, she notices that the solution to her problems is not only physical health, but her inner desire to deeply pursue her own potential.

Junko had already been practicing yoga for some time, and as her practiced started to expand, she began intensive study in hatha yoga with Patrick Oancia in 2004. She went on to learn that through asana and pranayama her perceptions changed and greatly liberated her mind, body, and spirit. Through her time practicing yoga, she complimented her practice with the study of aromatherapy, anatomy and physiology.

She also studied with influential teachers that include Lousia Sear, Lucy Roberts, David Muehsam, Christoph Kummer, and Emil Wendel. Furthermore, she has completed the Yoga Arts Level 1 Teacher Training, and has been certified as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) under the International Yoga Alliance. In 2007, she has also completed the Sudarshan Kriya basic breathing course by Art of Living, followed by the advanced course in India Bangalore.

Junko has come to a greater personal understanding through regular daily yoga practice and aims to continue crossing over limitations intelligently. She would like to share her yoga experience in hope to bring positive to smiles to the faces of her students.