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Lance Schular

Founder: INSPYA Yoga | ERYT500
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After a lifetime of personal practice and teaching experience, Lance developed the unique synergy of Vinyasa and Iyengar styles that is primarily taught at Inspya.

Inspya Yoga is a dynamic blend of balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. Lance qualified as an Iyengar yoga instructor with the Australian School of Yoga in Sydney and has been a senior teaching instructor for teacher trainees with Yoga Arts Australia for over seven years. He has been practicing yoga for twenty two years and teaching for seventeen.

He has special interests in martial arts, acrobatics and meditation. Lance also teaches trainees and delivers retreats and workshops across the world.

Lance was raised on a farming property in New Zealand. At a very young age he was introduced to Martial Arts by his father. A discipline which would later help to steer him towards the path of yoga, Lance was on the New Zealand Judo team. Believing that the body was a tool into the inner being – he pursued activities which used the physical body. Together with his brothers, Lance started the first white water rafting business in New Zealand.

His business interests have also been varied and exciting but after studying with Martyn Jackson at the Australian School of Yoga in Sydney there was no turning back – Yoga was what he wanted to do, and as it turned out, was what he was best at. He realised this during his very first class. For Lance, yoga meant further integration of mind and body.

These days Lance travels the world to help others integrate their mind and body and bring yoga into the new millennium. One example of how this is happening is the featuring of Lance in the latest Warner Brothers “Superman” movie due to be released soon.

Lance lives and works at his ‘INSPYA’ home and studio where he runs general classes and teacher training courses. Situated on 15 acres of lush rainforest, and surrounded by fruit trees and vegetable gardens, (which are tended to by Lance and his partner Susan, a living food expert), the property is a true reflection of Lance and his wisdom, enthusiasm and devotion to his yoga.

When Lance has spare time and is not meditating, he can be found kite-boarding or surfing at his local beach.