Lea Sölter

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As a child of this modern world, Lea’s story is typically multifaceted and colorful. Her curiosity has led her through a variety of jobs and places; from tutoring in intercultural communications to selling delicacies; from times of floating around on islands and at festivals to rigidly studying the humanities; spending weeks celebrating the days and weeks celebrating the nights.

There is a common thread connecting Lea’s life and accompanying her through all these phases and places: a passion for music, beauty and fashion, coupled with a love both of nature and of urban culture. As a German who is based in Berlin, Lea has stretched the thread of her life to connect to experiences all around the globe.

While studying political science and researching her Master’s thesis on “Peace-building in Cambodia in the 21st century,” Lea became thoroughly convinced that peace is not merely an absence of violence, but is above all a mindset best represented by a personal commitment to being an individual living in tune with a harmonious society. The more each one of us is able to attain a peaceful state of mind, the more we are likely to achieve a positive shift in this world. Lea’s chosen way of addressing the massive challenges our world is now facing is by creating the wanted, not by fighting the unwanted. Instead of pushing, she favors pulling in the right direction by setting inspirational examples and thereby celebrating life day-by-day. Lea therefore sees life not as an escape, but as a way of transforming the current conditions on this planet by creating joy and beauty.

The teachings of Yoga came to Lea quite naturally, validating many ideas she had come to appreciate during her studies, and setting her on a path of deeper inquiry and toward a fuller understanding of life.

Applying the wisdom of Yoga in a modern context and increasingly integrating its practice into her lifestyle provided Lea with resources to celebrate life in a creative, constructive and sustainable manner.

Lea is continually exploring the many ways of being nurtured and remaining connected: be it through healthy, pure foods; or by being “here and now” when raving; or simply through meditation, the arts, and meaningful relationships.

As the modern nomad that she is, Lea has experienced Yoga teachings of various styles all around the world. She lived 3 months in a Sivananda-Ashram in the Bahamas to experience a life completely devoted to practice, spending every day solely meditating, chanting, and studying Yoga scriptures through hours of Karma Yoga.

Lea immersed herself in Indian culture by living on the subcontinent for half a year, discovering the beauty and power of devotion as well as pursuing intense practice in meditation, pranayama and chanting that showed her how to practice the art of letting go and trusting in life.

Since 2006, Lea has been spending several weeks each year on the magical island of Bali, assisting in a residential multi-style teacher trainings that incorporate teachings of traditional and modern self-exploration and empowerment, Yoga anatomy, philosophy and asana practices of various schools including Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Iyengar.

During those training weeks, Lea has been repeatedly blessed by accompanying students moving fast forward on their paths and by spending time with her own teachers to gain deeper insight into how to integrate herself into an urban lifestyle.

Being a city-dweller much of the time, Lea is engaged in various progressive movements for holistic health and sustainable lifestyles, and she has recently been getting increasingly involved in the eco-fashion scene.

The rising levels of interconnectedness and the simultaneous breaking away from traditional authorities and value systems has made it easier than ever before for each of us to live up to our own truths, to transcend societal conventions and to choose from an abundance of ideas, perspectives and values on which to base a life of fully authentic self-expression. Lea sees Yoga as providing a way for us to find our own truths and as providing a framework for individuals to stay in balance while directing their energies in ways that contribute meaningfully to a more harmonious planet.

So… Get on the mat, be reminded, and be there!


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