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Lisa Lawton

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Lisa Lawton is a passionate Yogini who aspires to fully enjoy the art of living, to see the magic within every moment and to be open to the joys life presents every day. Through her yoga and ‘Zen Thai Shiatsu’ bodywork, she encourages people to find their own unique expression, their art, their freedom and their love.

A local from the beaches of East Coast Australia, Lisa brings together elements of several traditions within a harmonious style of vinyasa yoga that mirrors her passion for grace and free flow of prana. Mother Earth and the Ocean in particular are an integral part of Lisa’s daily life and this connection has guided her on her path to embrace the rhythm and fluid flow of creation within her art.

Through focused intention, joy and pure love of what she does, Lisa creates a space within her classes and bodywork sessions where the body is encouraged to come back to its natural state of balance. A space where energetic stagnation, blockages or deficiencies can be brought back to harmony, therefore allowing for freedom of movement, freedom of breath and free flow of Prana.

Lisa has been blessed with many phenomenal teachers throughout her journey for whom’ she is eternally grateful. She started her ‘official’ study in 2001 with Gwyn Williams, the founder of ‘Zen Thai Shiatsu’, which is an incredible style of bodywork that combines Yoga, Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques. Since then Lisa has been practicing, teaching and continually expanding her knowledge within these styles and other related disciplines ever since. Receiving her Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training through Vibrant Living Yoga teacher training in Bali in 2006, she then returned in 2007 as part of the Vibrant Living team.