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Luandi Nienaber

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Luandi was born and raised in South Africa. She studied to become a journalist, but ended up working as a consultant in the finance industry. After further study, she started her own business as a financial advisor to young people joining the work force.

Several years ago, Luandi and her husband relocated to Japan for her husband to pursue a contract in professional rugby. No long after Luandi started a regular yoga practice which led her to YogaJaya, later enrolling and completing the YogaJaya International Teacher Training.

Curious by nature, Luandi has questioned everything from an early age. Witnessing South Africa’s slow, angry transition from apartheid to a free, democratic country left her acutely aware of how we, as human beings, sort ourselves into groups and only end up creating divisions between each other by focusing on our differences. She has a deep love for and understanding of people in general and believes that balance and peace can best be attained if we focus on and embrace those things that we all hold in common. Traveling to many countries in Asia and Africa exposed Luandi to a wide variety of cultures and personalities, but the things that stood out to her were always those elements that we all share.

Her experience in the YogaJaya International Intensive Teacher Training introduced Luandi to a deeper meaning and philosophy of yoga. She learned that creating balance and unity within her own mind and body would eventually influence people around her through her positive example as a teacher. Luandi knows from her own life experience that once we have first worked seriously on improving ourselves, we can start inspiring others around us.

Yoga has taken up a role in Luandi’s life as a tool to help her answer many of her outstanding questions about herself and the world around her. It has also helped her to realize that searching too frantically had often led her to miss the power of seizing the opportunities of the present moment.

Luandi sees yoga itself as a way of life and believes that through yoga we can all look at our world less judgmentally and without prejudice, to truly appreciate the pure beauty that exists within each of us. Luandi is a YogaJaya Accredited Teacher (YJAT) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance.