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Lucy Roberts

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Since childhood Lucy was always fascinated by the beauty of the moving body, exploring the marriage of strength and balance with grace and lightness through gymnastics, dance, and then yoga.

She continues to be inspired and informed by her practice. Lucy’s introduction to yoga was through Body-Mind Centring, as pioneered by Bonny Bainbridge-Cohen. She was later introduced to Sivananda Yoga in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand and to Iyengar yoga, pranayama and meditation by Sunil Kumar in Varanasi, India.

For the next four years Lucy maintained an exploratory self-practice, while travelling through Thailand, Nepal, India, the UK and Europe. These years were something of a magical mystery tour where she was immersed in the world of psychedelic trance music and dance culture. An intensive time of body/mind exploration through the medium of free-form dance, learning to let go of pre-conceived ideas of what is possible and to surrender and be moved by the pulse and flow of life.

The time came in 1999 to settle, integrate and study yoga more intensively with a 9-month full-time teacher training with Yoga Arts Byron Bay. This training combined Astanga Vinyasa practice with Iyengar-style technique classes, as well as pranayama, meditation, philosophy and self-inquiry. Since then, Lucy has taught regular classes in Byron Bay, Australia and for Yoga Arts on teacher trainings in Bali and Tokyo.

In 2001 Lucy began co-directing Funkey Forest mountain retreat centre ( near Byron Bay, facilitating regular retreats as well as hosting retreats for visiting teachers and groups across a broad range of fields from Deep Ecology to Dance, Yoga and Buddhist Dharma and meditation. For more than 3 years Lucy co-facilitated monthly Forest Fasts (3-day silent fasting retreats), cultivating a deep respect for this process through repeated direct experience of the profound peace and clarity available through such simple means.

Lucy’s teachers include Louisa Sear, Donna Farhi and Clive Sheridan, as well as the non-dual teachings of both Advaita Vedanta and Tantra. Her most influential teachers are nature and silence.

Her current passion and field of study is the very beautiful art of Craniosacral bodywork. A craniosacral session takes both the practitioner and client into a state of deep relaxation and heightened intuitive awareness where witnessing and meditation naturally occur. Lucy is discovering a depth of sensitivity through the practice of craniosacral, which in turn informs her yoga practice and teaching, allowing her to communicate so much to her students through the precious medium of touch.

Lucy’s teaching style is dynamic, fluid and creative. She encourages openhearted witnessing and the use of breath in a conscious and skilful way that invites us to inhabit our bodies more fully, relating to and through them with acceptance and joy.