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Michael Grubb

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In 1997 he left his hometown in the United States and headed off to Paris to begin university, which sparked an enduring desire to see and experience new countries and languages, eventually becoming passionate about teaching.

Teaching has been at the forefront of Michael’s adult life. He moved to Thailand in 2001 after finishing a degree in psychology, and he became a social science teacher in an international school in Bangkok. In Japan, Michael has taught in many different capacities, and he presently holds a regular position in the Faculty of Medicine at Tokyo University where he Teaches a class on social issues in medicine.

As a child Michael practiced gymnastics. His love for tumbling and flipping led him to competitive freestyle diving. It was the basis of this experience, which helped Michael to fall into an immediate natural understanding of physical yoga dynamics.

It was shortly after moving to Tokyo that Michael began intensive study in ashtanga vinyasa yoga. He feels the yoga practice helped him to develop a more compassionate and all-inclusive view of the world, and as a result, his experiences with yoga have helped to enrich his overall teaching in many respects.

Michael has a daily ashtanga vinyasa Mysore style practice. He is currently learning and practicing the second series of the ashtanga vinyasa system.

Michael’s love of teaching has led him to pursue a career as a university professor. He is presently working on a master’s degree in development sociology at Sophia University.

Yoga has played a key role in giving Michael the strength and confidence to give up many old habits and live a more peaceful and rewarding life. He wishes to share this experience with his combined knowledge and passion for teaching in a way, which will help fulfill his students, lives.