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Nami Kimura Kumagai

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Nami was born and grew up in Ome-shi, Tokyo. From an early age, she loved moving her body, engaging in judo, swimming, gymnastics and various other forms of physical exercise. She also remembers converting a tendency toward shyness into a positive element by developing a skill for tranquil concentration.

At 23, Nami began a career as an esthetician. Alternating between warmth and coolness in her use of the palms of her hands, Nami immersed herself in the joy of encouraging physical transformations. This work led Nami into the study of anatomy and Ayurveda, but she found herself feeling limited both mentally and physically in her search for greater mastery in each field. However, when one of her regular customers exposed Nami to the effects of yoga, she experienced a shocking revelation about yoga’s empowering results. Nami observed how her customer was transformed from a mental and physical victim of overwork into a new being whose body, mind and heart all radiated a vital feeling of warmth, energy and balance.

Nami quickly sought out the same effects for herself and from her very first contact with yoga, she felt as if she were re-living every single experience of a lifetime in a single moment. Nami suddenly realized that a part of her self with which she had lost contact had re-emerged, and she rediscovered a tight connection of heart and body that brought her back to the freedom and flexibility of her childhood.

Seeking to deepen her understanding of yoga and to go beyond her own limits, Nami enrolled in and completed the YogaJaya International Teacher Training program in 2008 and is a YogaJaya Accredited Teacher (YJAT) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance.

Through her experiences with meditation including Vipassana, Nami started accepting the many positive transformations taking place within her heart to overcome boundaries and to become even stronger. Nami is today still reveling in the joy of climbing through the many levels of transformation that she continues to discover in her deepening practice of yoga. As a teacher, her passion is to share these evolutionary experiences with all those she encounters.