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Philipp Lemke

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Philipp E Lemke was born into a family of medical Doctors in Germany.

At the age of 16, he was introduced to the book ‘Siddhartha’, Hermann Hesse’s classical story about India and the quest for enlightenment. After reading this book several times, Philipp went to his first Yoga and Mediation classes in Germany.

After finished High School, Philipp went to India in 1993. He lived there for most of the following nine years, studying various forms of Yoga, Meditation and Eastern Philosophy.

His main influences are S.N. Goenka, various Insight Meditation teachers, the Sivananda, Satyananda and Iyengar Traditions and his mentors of many years, Clive Sheridan and Georg Feuerstein.

In 1998, Philipp completed the Bihar Schools 4-month Yoga Teacher Training Program in Munger. In 2003, Philipp moved to Australia where he completed Yoga Arts’ 9-months Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Philipp is also a qualified Shiatsu therapist, student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and dedicated Qi Gong practitioner.

From 2004, Philipp has taught on international Yoga Teacher Training Courses (with Yoga Arts,YogaJaya, ISHTA, INSPYA and WINstitut)

In 2010, Philipp started his own project, Insight Yoga that aims at bringing more inquiry and depth to our Yoga practice.

When he is not traveling, Philipp can be found in Byron Bay, researching and working on Yoga Teacher Training Manuals and in a centre for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.