Sachiyo Munechika

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“Living life fully every moment, beyond conditioned thought and limitations… in harmony with your environment… That is yoga.”

Sachiyo Munechica has studied different types of hatha yoga including Ashtanga and Iyenger.

She became intrigued by “master of masters” Sri. T Krishnamacharya teachings on how individuals can adapt yoga to their own lives.

Sachiyo has studied with teachers including Shandor Remete and TKV Desikacharin India. She has continued to develop her asana and Vedic chanting practices while maintaining the study of the yoga sutras and other important yoga texts in accordance to the Sri. T Krishnamacharya teachings.

Sachiyos teaching style ranges from challenging strong vinyasa flow to more contemplative hatha yoga. She focuses on gauging the class to each person in response to different needs, commonly utilizing practice off of the mat.
Sachiyo is amazed by the life-transforming power of yoga and its rich philosophy has become the main pillar in her life. She maintains a worldly, contemporary approach in all her teachings.

Sachiyo has traveled extensively, and her experience traveling has profoundly shaped her views on personal transformation, connectivity and introspective growth.


Physically, my body was changing. I felt physically and mentally stable, and I felt my feet firmly on the ground. I was able to concentrate and pay attention to the details of my body and my mind.


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