Sophie Costes

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Sophie Costes is a French born Ayurvedic and water-based bodywork therapist who completed studies in Ayurvedic massage and therapies with the Ayurveda Academy of Pune (Dr.P.H Kulkarni & Dr. Prachitti Patvardan) and Chavutti Thirumal (a form of massage performed with the feet) with Master Padma Nair in southern India.

Sophie’s understanding of dance and bodywork contribute to her ability to develop water-work modalities, with various renowned teachers of water-dance and the founder of watsu, Harold Dull.

Exploring yoga and Vipassana meditation for many years has brought truesynthesisto Sophie’shealing work. Sophie combines her in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic therapies with a variety of other massage skills into a fusion called conscioustouch.

She offers treatments as well as health and lifestyle Ayurvedic consultations through two forms of traditional Indian massage: Abhyanga (performed with the hands) and Chavutti Thirumal (performed with the feet). Sophie also teaches the Kerala tradition of Chavutti massage on a one-to-one basis.

Sophie’s second passion for flowing-water bodywork (watsu and water dance) is a natural extension of her interest in the opening up of the human heart toward inner peace.


Physically, my body was changing. I felt physically and mentally stable, and I felt my feet firmly on the ground. I was able to concentrate and pay attention to the details of my body and my mind.


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