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Tsugumi Yamaguchi

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Tsugumi was raised by a father who loved sports and regularly took her out into nature in a jeep, ran with her down rivers and picked natural potatoes with her in the mountains. Her love for sports continues to this day, especially in the form of volleyball.

In high school, she became interested in hairstyling through her experience of modeling hair cuts and being influenced by her stylist, eventually becoming a certified hair stylist. After graduation, her interest in beauty and communicating with people led her to work in a cosmetics company in Kyoto, and later in a foreign-affiliated cosmetics company in Tokyo.

While advancing as a cosmetics specialist in Tokyo, Tsugumi becomes influenced by her boyfriend at that time. He worked at an outdoor goods company and spent his days off mountain-climbing and bouldering. This grew a desire within her to become more deeply involved in moving her body and enjoying life. It was around this time that Tsugumi first encountered yoga, and her discovery of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga led her to where she is today.

Not only Ashtanga, but her experience of meeting Ken Harakuma, Basha, Govinda Kai, Rolph, Shankara, Chuck, Mati, Kranti, and Eileen also exposed her to outstanding influences and encounters that are truly reflected in her resultant personality.

Today Tsugumi plays multiple roles as a yoga instructor, outdoor goods salesperson, and a model. Though no longer directly connected to the beauty industry, she continues to be interested in ‘beauty’, but from a different angle. Now, she is more focused on ‘inner beauty’ instead of simple ‘outer beauty’.”