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Yukiko Shingu

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The fact that Yuki’s mother practiced yoga gave her daughter a chance to begin yoga at the relatively young age of eight. By the time Yuki was 13, she was already getting interested in yogic philosophy and meditation. But just as Yuki started really getting into yoga, media hysteria over a bizarre cult blackened yoga’s image to such a degree in Japan that even meditating in public became a suspect activity for several years.

After having a baby in 1998, Yuki found her way back to yoga as a way of getting back to being herself from living the life of an around-the-clock mother. In 2005, after teaching yoga to children doing gymnastics, Yuki began studying with Anusara Yoga. She subsequently completed official training classes and workshops with teachers in Japan, New York and California that included studies in Ashtanga Yoga, Partner Yoga (Acro Yoga), Yoga Therapy under Raja Yoga, and Thai Yoga; adding to the Oki Yoga and Iyengar Yoga studies that she had conducted years before.

Based on her travel experiences, Yuki has come to see diversity in the image of the lotus flower. Each bud starts out differently, yet each in time assumes the common form of a beautiful flower. Yuki likewise deeply respects each of the various yoga styles and teachers that she has experienced, maintaining a daily Ashtanga-based practice and leading a class that brings her together with wonderful students who help her nurture her own flower of life.

Yuki draws inspiration from the free artistic creativity that Patrick Oancia expresses through his classes, deeply respecting and appreciating his broad, open approach.

Yuki is an Indian-government certified yoga therapist and is studying toward local qualification as a medical yoga therapist. Yuki is currently also accredited for Thai Massage by the American Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork association (NCBTMB).