The YogaJaya teacher trainings have extensive high quality online content, pre-filmed, allowing for participants to re-watch all the content as much as they like whenever convenient. All prior in-person modules are now held virtually. Participants can currently fully qualify for Yoga Alliance registration and or Baseworks certification online. YogaJaya is the pioneering studio to have been using an extensive online platform for several years on our courses. Please inquire for more details.


Tokyo Course: Ongoing
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YogaJaya was founded in 2003. We have had a collective attendance of over 500,000 students over 30,000 classes to date. We have hosted over 500 specialized events and workshops.

As one of the first studios in Japan to offer Yoga Alliance accredited courses, we have been recognized for the high standard of our teacher trainings.


Course Features

The YogaJaya Teacher Trainings offer unique, and highly effective course formats that align with the current trends in the health and wellness industry.


7 day per week schedule taught consistently and in line with the teacher training methodology by certified experts providing you an extensive practice platform.


Ongoing training: Decide when to start, at which pace to study and when to complete the training to fit your lifestyle.


Fully bilingual training offering exposure to an international environment taught by top professionals in the health and wellness industry.


Ongoing training: Decide when to start, at which pace to study and when to complete the training to fit your lifestyle.


7 day per week schedule taught consistently and in line with the teacher training methodology by certified experts providing you an extensive practice platform.


Fully bilingual training offering exposure to an international environment taught by top professionals in the health and wellness industry.



Over the years we observed that people learn in different ways and at varying paces. 

Our Level 1 teacher training presents each module under specific formats that introduce new concepts in a step-by-step easy-to-understand way to accommodate each students learning preference and rhythm. 

We use professionally designed texts and videos, in bite-size-chunks making it easier to assimilate one step at a time so to become familiar with multiple new concepts.


**At YogaJaya, together with peers under the guidance of our certified teachers.

**At home, on the road, or whenever it suits your schedule, utilizing a wide range of detailed online multi-camera-angle class videos.


**Studio face-to-face modules that offer direct interaction with teacher trainers and other trainees.

**Online learning platform gives you access to manuals, video content and other great resources that you can review/replay as much as you need to.

**Unlimited opportunities to redo quizzes and assignments to reinforce your understanding.

**Online, face-to-face sessions to support your progress.



We regularly update and refine our course modules to align with how we see the future of the industry while carefully considering the valuable feedback of how our students comprehend and practically apply what they’ve learned.

Posture/MOvement Dynamics

Introduction to over 100 postures and variations, with a focus on how and when to moderate. The mission: To develop a safe, scalable and sustainable practice.


Focuses on transferring skills to students through building the relationship between regular physical practice and learning efficacy.


Introduces a broad perspective on yoga philosophy from different sources, and how our understating of yoga is changing based on the most current research in the field.


Covers the fundamental scientific knowledge that is necessary to understand and gain better conscious control of the body. 


Explores the mechanical principles of movement to develop an intuitive understanding of how external forces can either facilitate or interfere with performance.

Diet and Nutrition

Looks at how to modify diet depending on metabolism, circumstance, environment and lifestyle.


Introduces techniques to effectively convey ones message through clear communication, composure and body language in teaching environments.

Career Building

Explores ethics in the industry, seeking a non-contradictory and sustainable ground to build a career as a health professional.



Our course awards qualify graduates to begin teaching in line with the industry standards and receive perks to support building a career. 


Baseworks Tier 1 Certification


Yoga Alliance RYT200


YogaJaya Teachers Accreditation 



YogaJaya Teacher Training residential faculty share a wealth of knowledge and experience based on years of commitment to practice, teaching and mentoring students.

Meet the teachers for this course.

Patrick Oancia

YogaJaya Founder | BASEWORKS Founder | ERYT500 | YACEP

Founder of the BASEWORKS Practice method and YogaJaya, Pat’s interest in the mind-body-connection led him to pursue…

See Bio…

Satoko Horie

YogaJaya Director | BASEWORKS Certified Teacher (BT3) | YJAT1000 | ERYT500 | YACEP

Director of YogaJaya. Satoko enjoys life as a constant explorer and a challenger of limits…

See Bio…

Shinobu Nakano

BASEWORKS Certified Teacher (BT3) | YJAT1000 | ERYT500 | YACEP

Shinobu dedicated over 10 years to the study of yoga and Baseworks Practice at YogaJaya…

See Bio…

Virginie Dezan

BASEWORKS Certified Teacher (BT2) | YJAT700 | ERYT200/RYT500 | YACEP

Virgine has dedicated years to deepening her knowledge of how practice can support all aspects of health….

See Bio…


YogaJaya/BASEWORKS Research Associate | BASEWORKS Certified Teacher (BT2) | YJAT700 | ERYT200/RYT 500

Asia holds a Masters of Science in Human Genetics and a PhD in Biotechnology…

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Graduate Voices

“The training offered me a thoroughly in-depth understanding of the sequence. The studio offered a very thorough instruction to each individual student, suitable for him/her. Also all of the trainers were amazing.”

Akiko Kim

Yoga/Baseworks Certified Instructor

“YogaJaya’s teacher training focuses on attaining deeper understanding of yoga philosophy to enrich our lives, to grow together through practice and mutual support is amazing and is distinctly different from other trainings.”

Kiyomitsu Maeda

Yoga Instructor- IYOGA

“In the time that I’ve been doing BASEWORKS PRACTICE, my foundational practice and knowledge has improved dramatically. As has my strength. I have a much greater awareness of my spine throughout the practice, and of the connections throughout the body. Moreover, an awareness of breath, stillness and calm.”

Phoebe Sellaroli

Nutritionist | Yoga/Baseworks Certified Instructor

“It was incredible how the topics were not restricted only to yoga in a narrow sense, but offered profound content that changed the way we perceive the world. This was more than I ever expected. I also got the strong feeling that we were each individually mentored with an underlying passion behind all of it.”

Masae Shimizu

Chemist | Mother | Yoga/Baseworks Certified Instructor

“I learned that it is necessary to not only be aware of the good things, but also about the things that I need to change about myself. It gave me an opportunity to challenge myself into new areas to get beyond my fears and limitations.”

Keiko Fujimoto

Yoga Instructor

“This was a wonderful learning experience. Going deeper into understanding the ‘integrity of the pose’, and differences between how it looks on the outside and what's really going on inside. The course sessions were very positive and supportive. I benefited a lot from the thorough and precise guidance for the asana. I also had the opportunity to not only learn theory, but to really advance my personal practice.”

Daphna Kieselstein

Consultant | Mother | Yoga Instructor


Answers to common questions about our courses.

Our globally recognized studio signature practice system is supported by a team of professional certified teachers consolidated all in one place for the duration.

The system is designed to produce a safe, fast, scaleable and sustainable practice quality that compliments any hatha yoga practice. It is also practiced by athletes, martial artists, dancers and performance artists as a body conditioning tool. Learn more about the system.

The online modules and material included in the courses are comprehensive and consolidated, allowing students to conveniently participate in parts of the course remotely, and have lifetime access to the online content.

Our teacher trainings are known to support a diverse range of students both female and male from all facets of life, all over Japan and globally.

Students range from those who have no yoga/fitness/exercise experience to already established professionals in the yoga/fitness/wellness industry, students, full-time working householders, ranging from late teens to those in their 60s.

You will be able to immediately register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT200 and begin teaching wherever you would like.

You will also receive the opportunity to apply for a teaching position at YogaJaya and affiliate studios immediately after graduation as a certified teacher to build teaching experience.

Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community with the mission to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

They have established a global industry standard for yoga studios to conduct teacher trainings based on a set of requirements to qualify for offering affiliated courses.

Students graduating from a Yoga Alliance affiliated teacher training can register as teachers on the Yoga Alliance international teachers directory.

The YogaJaya Level 1 Teacher Training qualifies graduates to register as an RYT200 teacher with the Yoga Alliance. This allows for graduates to take advantage of a range of registration perks to support establishing a career as a teacher of yoga.

YogaJaya has been registered to offer courses at the RYS200, RYS300 & RYS500 tiers for over 10 years, and is one of the first yoga studios in Japan to offer Yoga Alliance affiliated trainings.

The YogaJaya Accreditation is our course signature award. It offers graduates discounts and perks for continuing education, as well as access to resources and programing on how to develop skills as a career yoga teacher. 

Our YogaJaya Level 1 Teacher Training utilizes the Baseworks Teaching Methodology for teaching yoga as the course signature framework. It focuses on how to practice and teach in a safe, scaleable and sustainable way. 

Baseworks Practice is the YogaJaya studio and teacher training signature syllabus. It is also a stand alone movement conditioning method practiced by athletes, yogis, martial artists, dancers among many others. 

The Baseworks certifications validate any graduate’s skills, knowledge and abilities through ongoing learning and practice requirements to maintain certification aligned with the health, wellness and fitness industries. 

Students graduating from a Baseworks certification teacher training are listed on the Baseworks international certified teachers directory.

Our YogaJaya Level 1 Teacher Training offers different enrollment options:

  1. Yoga Alliance Registration (RYT200) 
  2. Baseworks Tier 1 Certification (BT1) 
  3. Yoga Alliance (RYT200) + Baseworks (BT1) Package 

Tuition for our courses starts at ¥500,000 with monthly payment plan options available on request. 



The course is held in stages with the ability for you to create your own scheduling toward course completion.

Tuition will include all course related material, studio practice pass and access to our extensive online learning platform.

Please complete the form to get access to more detailed information about the course, attendance options and pricing.