Alastair Prentice: Presenting Magically: The Inner Game of Teaching Yoga / Revolutionize your yoga teaching game, from the inside-out

November 16, 2013 - November 17, 2013
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Ask anyone what their greatest fear is and many will report that it is talking or presenting in front of groups of people. After the fear of heights and loud noises presenting comes in at number three!! Because here is the thing- the fact that the sometimes real illusion of stage fright and talking in front of groups can often be the only thing that gets in your way of discovering and presenting your own unique voice as a yoga teacher or presenter with passion, playfulness and grounded intensity. The hours of anatomy, sequencing, mantras, mudras, the hours spent over Patanjali and the sutras, all that can quickly dissipate as you take the stage to guide the group on a magical 90 minute journey with the internal dialogue of “Everybody is looking at me!!?” The result is often fight, flight or freeze.

There is another way. This 3.5 hour module will give you access, practice and feedback in discovering and developing your own “inner-game”, or trainer flow state. Its just another way of saying the way you self-manage and apply your own states and emotions that express your own degree of personal alignment and behavioural flexibility.

The “Inner Game” has to do with your mental and emotional approach to what you are doing. This includes your attitude, your belief in yourself and your team, your ability to concentrate effectively, deal with mistakes and pressure, and so on.

November 16, 07:00-08:30
November 17, 07:00-09:00

During these two day sessions, we will be using the NLP tool kit, described by some as “the users manual for the brain”. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores the ways in which people create their outcomes, feelings and realities through the interface (mostly unconscious) of their neurology that is communicating with every part of the body, the filters of language (verbal and non-verbal), beliefs/values, and the patterns and behaviour that result from those. How we can change these into more useful ones and the strategies to do this is the field of NLP.

Topics to discover and develop include:

  • set frames to orient the group and set a direction for teaching
  • access and maintain your optimal “inner-game” teachers state
  • the infinity strategy, a meta-strategy for presenting
  • the structure and overall process for accelerated, integrative, synergistic learning
  • elicit powerful learning states with metaphor and stories
  • establish and maintain rapport with individuals and the group
  • identify and utilise individual learning styles
  • identify and incorporate “unconscious leaders” in the group
  • calibrate and respond to non-verbal/unconscious feedback
  • sequence learning/teaching through the “4-mat” system
  • develop sensitivity and flexibility in all representational systems
  • no failure only feedback- become a more mindful, congruent and spontaneous presenter

Come and discover the possibilities, bringing forth greater potential into action, from the inside-out. I look forward to seeing you in November for these two morning sessions. Revolutionize your yoga teaching game, from the inside-out.

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