BASEWORKS Practice ELEMENTS Practice Immersion with Satoko Horie: Tokyo

December 16, 2018 - December 16, 2018
Tags : | Baseworks Practice | biomechanics | exercise physiology

December 16th Sunday 13:00-16:00

Elements Practice Immersion introduces tips on how to approach the Elements practice module. The key factors that constitute the practice will be highlighted through a selection of specific poses from the sequence to allow participants to deepen their understanding.


  • Overview of Ignition and Assimilation
  • Working on transitions
  • Utilizing variations
  • Building proficiency
  • Getting used to being upside-down

This Elements Practice Immersion is open to everyone from those totally new to Baseworks Practice as well as those who regularly practice Baseworks and would like to deepen their understanding.

There are no prerequisites, though it is highly recommended for participants to have experienced attending at least a few of the Baseworks Practice Foundation and Elements modules.

Note: Immersion will be conducted in both Japanese and English depending on the language needs of the participants.

Members: ¥4,500
Non-members: ¥4,700

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