Chris Kummer Yoga Anatomy Intensive & Workshops 2015

November 21, 2015 - November 25, 2015
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20 Hour Yoga Anatomy Intensive
November 21-23, 13:00-20:30

***Please note that the total intensive teaching time will be 20 hours. Above time frames include break times to be announced on the day.

This three-day intensive provides an introduction to the anatomy of the human body for yoga teachers and other movement practitioners. The focus perspective on activity and action permits a development of functional understanding without requiring special prior knowledge or specific language. The intensive presentation format covers the major aspects of yoga practice in their functional relevant connections. For yoga teachers, this invaluable information boosts the understanding of poses, sequencing, modifications and teaching skills.

Topics covered include the following highlights and more:

  • The ease of practice - We are individuals with our own expression
  • Why is yoga-anatomy unique? The importance of becoming familiar with this type of anatomy when practicing or teaching yoga and movement
  • Organs and digestion - finding a deeper health purpose in asana practice
  • Skeletal system and soft tissues, how to build and maintain them
  • Developing balance in the areas of strength / stability and stretch / flexibility
  • Joints, what it takes to keep them flexible and stable
  • Building a foundation through bandha and core strength work
  • Finding depth in asana – layers of muscle engagement
  • The technique of building strong foundations in your hands and wrists and shoulders
  • Blood pressure adjustments in yoga practices
  • Putting it all into perspective: Integration, depth and ease comes from working with the nervous system

No prior knowledge other than an interest in the moving body is required.

The intensive will be a lecture based, but bringing your own yoga mat is recommended, as there may be asana components to illustrate and experiment with the content.


Anatomy & Physiology Workshops
November 24 & 25, 18:45-21:15

Breath and the Nervous System in Yoga Practices
November 24, 18:45-21:15

Your breath and your nervous system are linked together and influence each other. Discover your breath as your always available stress buster tool!

When practicing yoga postures, we are made aware of our breath initially through instructions, then by observation. During this workshop we will explore more of the relationships of breath types and the mental - emotional experiences. Familiarize yourself with some yoga practice tools that can guide you to greater freedom. As a participant you will also discover some of the surprising benefits of breath and pra^na^ya^ma for the hormonal system, as well as learn about yoga poses, which can support these practices. Learn to take more charge of your health by learning about your breath. This workshop is open to practitioners of all styles of yoga and anyone with an interest to learn more on this topic.

If available, please bring a yoga mat, bolster, or blanket and block.

Work the Base
November 25, 18:45-21:15

Be grounded - be light!

This workshop is about the surprising influence our feet have on almost all yoga postures, whether we are actually standing on our feet or not.

Far from basic, a strong base in the feet is reflected in the stability, support and lightness we experience in yoga asana. Your feet have correspondences and connections throughout the body via fascia and other connective tissues, which can create stability and alignment in common and challenging postures.

Learn about the four quadrants as an easy to remember and easy to apply approach to developing balanced engagement of legs and body. Reconnect to the spring and bounce in your feet and your life.
Whether you are a yoga practitioner trying to improve standing balances, are looking to improve lower back comfort or are exploring intricate arm balances, the principles highlighted in this workshop can be useful additions to your practice.

If available, bring your mat, a block and a belt.

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