Creative Communication Course with Satoko Horie

October 7, 2009 - October 28, 2009
Tags : | body movement | communication | expressive arts | meditation | pranayama | self actualization

Life is all about connecting through communication. Communicating your ‘self’ in an honest, clear, and open manner, while finding creative ways to connect with other people. This 4-week course focuses on techniques that stimulate the ability to communicate in a creative way by integrating ideas from diverse fields including yoga. By going deeper into ourselves with yoga [union = connection], we are enhancing our ability to become even more open and more able to connect directly from the innermost elements of our personality.

This course will primarily be a lecture based interactive session. It will not be necessary to bring full yoga gear, but wearing clothes that make it easy to sit, move and relax is recommended, as we will have sessions in which move our bodies in various ways.

This course is most suitable for those who want to gain confidence, become more expressive and creatively communicate better with others, including colleagues from work, friends, family and all those around you in your life.

Course Curriculum:

Week 1: Grounding your ‘Self’

Overcoming our own fears and anxieties in talking in front of people is the first step toward building the fundamental base to communicate openly. This first session will focus on breaking down our fears and anxieties by looking into the beliefs we have about anxiety, and how practices such as meditation and pranayama can help us have a more balanced outlook from our ‘self’.

Week 2: Play with Ideas

In order to clearly express ideas in an original manner, one needs tools to come up with ideas and organize them in a clear, concise, understandable and interesting way. This second session will focus on techniques for generating creative ideas so that doing it becomes second nature to you. Visualization techniques often used by athletes and in yoga will also be an important part of this section.

Week 3: Free ‘Self’ Expression

Non-verbal communication is an important aspect in expressing your ‘self’, yet there are may social and educational inhibitions that stop us from being as free as we were as children. In this third session, we will experiment with voice projection and body movement techniques that entail catharsis (a purification process), allowing us to break through the subconscious walls that we have erected around ourselves to function in this modern but restrictive society.

Week 4: Uniting the Energies

The key to communication is not only how confident one is of one’s ‘self’, nor only how free and light one can be. It is also a question as to what extent one can energetically connect with people around us. In this final week, we will use art and meditation as means to connect with each other through the creative expression of our consciousnesses.

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