David Swenson 2006 Tokyo Ashtanga Vinyasa Techniques Yoga Workshop and Ashtanga First Series Teacher Training

November 18, 2006 - November 26, 2006
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Ashtanga Vinyasa Techniques Yoga Workshop
November 25 & 26, 2006.

David will go through the details of building a strong foundation to practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System. He will elaborate on all aspects of the system in order to induce a sustainable understanding of the practice!

Module 1
Saturday, November 25. 9:30-12:30

A Fun-filled exploration of Vinyasa and Arm-balances
One of the greatest challenges of the Ashtanga flow is the vinyasa. In this class David will break the vinyasa down into its components. He likes to refer to this as: メThe Physics of Flightモ. The class will also explore the elements of handstands and arm-balances. This will all be done through the avenue of partner work. There is always plenty of laughter and fun as well as a depth of information in this class. All levels may attend even if you have never done a handstand before. Alternatives are always given.

Module 2
Saturday, November 25. 14:30-17:30

Exploring the Mantra of Ujjayi and the Mysteries of Energy Locks
In Sanskrit, "Man" means Mind and "Tra" means to Free or Deliver. Therefore the word Mantra means to Free the Mind. There are many mantras in yoga such as Om, Hare Krishna, Om Namo Shivaya and a plethora of others. In Ashtanga Yoga the mantra is the sound of our breath: Ujjayi. There is no other sound more universal than breath. It is not tied to language or culture and is “chanted” from the first moment of birth. This class will focus on the mantra of ujjayi within asana practice as well as during pranayama. In addition to breath work the class will also explore the invisible world of Bandhas. We well attempt to gain greater understanding of these subtle yet powerful tools through interactive discussion as well as a series of practical exercises.

Module 3
Sunday, November 26. 9:30-12:30

Finding Stability When the World is Inverted and Returning Home to Breath
This class will turn your world upside/down in order to explore the dynamics of inverting the body through building a solid foundation from which to grow while also looking at the opposing forces at play in Inversions. Backbends will be redefined as front openings and sitting quietly will be explored as an active participation in self-exploration through developing a relationship with our lifelong companion, breath.

Module 4
Sunday, November 26. 14:30-17:30

Learning About Ourselves Through Assisting Others
This class will focus on viewing our practice from a teacherユs perspective. Developing an eye for alignment and energy flow in the asanas will be explored through a look at hands-on adjusting techniques. This will be achieved through partner work beginning with a look at the dynamics of downward dog followed by a sampling of asanas from the standing sequence, seated sequence as well as some from the closing sequence. It is a fun class open to all levels. One need not be a teacher to attend. There is much to learn about our own practice through assisting and observing others.

Ashtanga First Series Teacher Training
November 18-24, 2006 - 9:00 to 17:00 daily.

* Spaces limited. Secure space by advanced booking on this page below. Participants should have a consistent personal practice of Ashtanga Yoga and understand the flow and sequencing of the asanas.

This 40 hour course will cover the teaching techniques of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The participants will learn safe and effective hands-on adjustments through partner work for all of the asanas, practicalities of conducting a class and yoga theory.

The course is not designed as an avenue to learn the sequence.This is a deep immersion into the details underlying the practice and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. One need not be a teacher to attend or even desire to be a teacher. Many participants attend simply to deepen there own practice.

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