Developing Your Own Hatha Yoga Practice - Workshop with Mark Robberds

April 10, 2010 - April 11, 2010
Tags : | arm balances | asana | bandha | hatha yoga | inversions | meditation | pranayama

In this workshop Mark will shed light on the base principles needed to develop a hatha yoga practice - no matter what style you are practicing. Working the human body is like a unlocking a combination lock - once you learn the combination you can transcend into it's full potential. Learning the core techniques of practice well is essential. Upon this, the rest will follow.

This workshop will be interactive, allowing the students opportunity to ask questions and to get answers by exploring different possibilities.

Subjects covered in depth will be:

*The breath - which should be calm and relaxed while keeping the spine stable.

*Standing poses - to strengthen and stabilize while increasing hip and spine flexibility.

*Arm balances - one of the more fun aspects of the practice which are also key to alleviating back pain.

*Sequencing - following simple and easy to follow principles.

This workshop is for all students of yoga wanting to go deeper into their understanding of their own practice.

Module 1: Surya Namaskara and classical standing postures in detail

April 10th 08:00-10:30

This are the foundation of a daily practice. Learn how move safely and fluidly, building strength and stability as well as flexibility. This while keeping the breath calm and relaxed, so that the practice of asanas becomes a moving meditation that prepares you for pranayama and meditation. This will include insight and instruction on how to apply the ever mysterious 'bandhas' in a practical and experiential way.

The combination of learning the techniques for applying the effective use of the breath with bandhas, as well as structural alignment, will give the foundational principles for developing the strength and lightness needed to access the arm balances - like handstands and forearm balance, as well as jump backs and jump throughs. Learn the everyday essential asanas that will increase hip and shoulder flexibility, and thus help to prevent knee and back injuries, and give overall better health and enjoyment in the practice of yoga asanas and for daily living.

The alignment and energetic principles learned in the standing sequence will be carried into the seated poses, which will be a further exploration of moving with awareness, steadiness and ease.

Module 2: Learn how to develop a flowing sequence

April 11th 08:00-10:30

This will implement linking movement with breath, posture to posture, from the standing to seated sequence, to create a dynamic practice that suits your own daily needs.

The spine needs to move in 4 main directions for better health and mobility, through a series of pose and counter-pose. Essential pranayama and meditation will be taught.

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