Edward Clark: Tripsichore Morning Immersion

June 19, 2012 - June 22, 2012
Tags : | asana | backbends | hatha yoga | inversions | tripsichore yoga | vinyasa

CET (Continuing Education and Training Program)

This immersion is accredited for YJCET, and Yoga Alliance CET (continuing education) to maintain YogaJaya Accreditation and Yoga Alliance registration status.

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Every day the Trispichore will perform an arduous series of Sun Salutes which pursue the premise of incorporating pranayma fully into a vinyasa practice. While the practice is extreme in its demands, it esteems evenness of movement over depth of posture. The Tripsichore practice is divided into 3 levels: Simple, Regular and Plus.

Tripsichore founder, Edward Clark and Tripsichore star Nikki Durrant will lead students through the Simple and Regular practice (with possible excursions into the Plus). These 1.5 hour sessions will be devoted firstly to doing the practice and then to breaking down the sequences. Expect unusual inversions and back bends.

Tripsichore Vinyasa Yoga is both challenging and fun. It encourages the student to explore the furthest range of their physical potential while providing the technical approaches that ensure safety. The Tripsichore Yoga style has been developed for 30 years and, in investigating yoga, has endeavored to reconcile the idea of making advanced physical practice enhance the ends of a spiritual quest.

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