Exploring the Chakras Course with Lea Sölter: A journey through the energy centres along the spine

July 12, 2010 - August 30, 2010
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Prana energy flows through our body via the Nadis, or energy channels, and is accumulated in and distributed by the Chakras, or energy centers. There are seven main Chakras along the spine, each of which has unique characteristics. It is in the Chakras that Prana takes on specific forms to serve particular purposes for a balanced state of mind and body. A free flow of Prana in and through the Chakras is essential to staying in balance and to increase vitality.

This 8-week course explains the functioning of the energy centers along the spine, teaches students how to recognize blockages in the Chakras, and instructs them how to stimulate a free flow of energy, as well as how to use Chakras to deal with everyday challenges.

This course uses specific Asanas and Kriya movements, breathing and meditation techniques, visualizations and Mantras to increase the strength and activity of each of the Chakra.

Course Curriculum:

Week 1: Muladhara Chakra

Located at the root of our spine, this Chakra relates to existence, survival, how we have come into this world, our physical body, family and home. We will focus on grounding ourselves and on building a stable base for all other activity.

Week 2: Swadisthana Chakra

The next step is to understand how we relate to others and to ourselves. Focusing on the Navel Chakra teaches us how to recognize blockages that we might have in our feelings, sensuality and sexuality. Specific techniques can free the flow of Prana and raise our awareness for creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

Week 3: Manipura Chakra

The center around the Solar Plexus deals with power and strength of will. Fiery Asana and Kriya practices are used to regain balance in this Chakra in order to be determined and strong without becoming overpowering.

Week 4: Anahata Chakra

Exploring and working with our heart Chakra addresses our ability to love and to be compassionate, as well as opening us up to accept the practice of loving others and ourselves unconditionally. Understanding this center helps us to deal in a healthy way with unpleasant feelings such as sadness and jealousy.

Week 5: Vishudda Chakra

Our perceptions of the world, the way we relate to them, and how we communicate are all linked to the throat Chakra. Enhancing this Chakra increases creativity, as well as helping us to create structure and organize in general. Clarity of communication increases with our awareness of this energy center.

Week 6: Ajna Chakra

The so-called Third Eye, the eye of intuition and the centre of intelligence. Stimulating this centre of dreams and visions opens the door to higher spirituality. It helps us to stay in tune with ourselves by strengthening our connections to our own inner guidance.

Week 7: Sahasrara Chakra

The crown of the head is the main point from which we connect to the rest of the universe. Opening up the Crown Chakra allows us to experience greatly expanded feelings of connectivity.

Week 8: Chakra Balancing Class

With our new and deeper understanding of the seven main Chakras, we will stimulate each, and then all, of them to experience a high Pranic state while maintaining balance among all aspects of our being.

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