jacqueline hargreaves a proper pause workshop

Jacqueline Hargreaves: A Proper Pause- Essential skills for being at ease

April 14, 2018 - April 21, 2018
Tags : | asana | hatha yoga | meditation | mindfulness

2 Days: April 14 and 21


This workshop will present in an accessible way the essential skills of body awareness, body movement and comfortable stillness. The combination of Mindfulness techniques with simple Yoga postures will be taught so that one may enjoy a genuine and healthy pause in daily life.

A proper pause cultivates a restful state that includes steady attention without tension and an awareness of one’s habitual reactivity. These teachings on Mindfulness are based on the MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), which has been researched and disseminated by the Oxford Centre of Mindfulness. Some of the good scientific research on the benefits of Mindfulness will be presented.

DAY 1: 

This first session will introduce the basic and essential techniques of being at ease. The difference between Mindfulness and other techniques of meditation will be explored.

DAY 2: 

This subsequent session will focus on combining Mindfulness with the practice of postures and gentle movement, which can be used to tone and strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system.


Learning outcomes will include skills that bring greater focus and an enduring sense of calm. These skills can also be used to develop a more meaningful response to the stress in one’s daily life. Students will learn about the connection between mood and discursive thinking and how a negative cycle of thoughts can be cut by Mindfulness practice. Indeed, proficiency in Mindfulness can increase positive feelings, reduce self-criticism and allay downward spirals of low mood, negative thinking and exhaustion.


Members: ¥7,500 (Early Bird Pricing: ¥6,800 until April 7)
Non-members: ¥8,500 (Early Bird Pricing: ¥7,800 until April 7)
YJAT: ¥7,000 (Early Bird Pricing: ¥6,300 until April 7)



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