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Jason Birch & Jacqueline Hargreaves: Morning Practice Immersion

September 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010
Tags : | asana | bandha | hatha yoga | inversions | kriya yoga | pranayama

The essence of Yoga is daily practice, and a morning practice sets the tone for the rest of the day. Yet, it takes some understanding and skill to develop a practice that leaves one feeling refreshed, with the mind, calm and clear, for the day ahead.

The morning practice immersions will focus on cleansing and breathing techniques that generate heat with minimal effort, and then a sequence of asanas that facilitates the practice of Uddiyana bandha (gently drawing the abdomen in and up). The aim will be to avoid over-exertion while enjoying the invigorating effects of these practices. Each student shall be encouraged to work with variations and different sequences so that they might discover their own, most effective way of practicing.

Over the coming weeks, the morning practice immersions will build on the practice of Kriyas and Pranayama. Rapid breathing with short retentions will be taught as well as different ways of practicing alternate nostril breathing in order to replenish and settle the nervous system. Once the body is warm, inversions which require minimal stretching will become the focus of practice. Each class will finish with a deep relaxation practice.

Open to all levels.

Featured Instructors

Jacqueline Hargreaves

BE (Hons) / E-RYT

Jacqueline researches the contemporary meeting place between historical practices and their application in a modern (mainly therapeutic) environment....

Dr. Jason Birch

PhD in Oriental Studies: Oxford University | ERYT500

Jason Birch received a doctorate in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford in 2013. His area of research is the medieval yoga traditions of India, in particular, those called Haṭha- and Rājayoga.


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