Living Yoga and Live Foods With Patrick Oancia and Life Transitions (Boulder, CO, USA)

August 19, 2006 - August 19, 2006
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Life Transitions Cafe presents a Boulder raw foods community event-a day of Yoga, meditation, raw foods, and live music... featuring special guest, Patrick Oancia , director of YogaJaya Studios in Tokyo, Japan, who is traveling worldwide spreading his unique approach to Yoga. Become engrossed in yoga, livings foods, community, and the creative arts!

Patrick will lead 2 Yoga Modules. Focusing on asana, pranayama, meditation,Yoga Nidra, and Q&A, while interweaving talks on the full integration of Yoga experience into modern day life from a non-dogmatic and open perspective.

Life Transitions will provide Raw Chocolate(cacao)drinks & treats, lemonade, water, and a spectacular raw food feast followed by Live Music. This will be a highly charged, informative, and inspired Event!

YogaJaya Freestyle Hatha Yoga, meditation and Pranayama workshop
with Patrick Oancia


August 19, Saturday:
Morning session

Vinyasa sequence, pranayama, and dhyana

・ The Modern yogi-transformation through awareness
・ Extended Pranayama and guided meditation. Sharpening the mind in preparation for asana.
・ Asana-(Flowing hatha-kundalini vinyasa sequence. Full body integration)
・ Focus on the economy of utilizing ujjayi pranayama to hold postures for longer periods. Initiating a more meditative quality in practice
・ Emphasis on observing the physical body throughout the practice, encouraging participants to realize the direct link with psychological processing and self-inquiry


August 19, Saturday:
Afternoon Session

Freestyle hatha yoga

・ Discomfort in Yoga, Discomfort in Life-embracing the challenge
Asana(Details in alignment and working intelligently with limitations)-
・ Flowing from standing postures to balancing postures. Working with active quadriceps to naturally trigger uddiyana, and moola bandha.
・ Back bending, abdominal, Twisting forward bending. Freeing the supine from stagnant energy blockage.
・ Inversions-confidence building through turning your world upside down.

・ Yoga Nidra-The key to balancing the nervous system


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