Matej Jurenka: Shrivatsa Yoga Workshop

February 20, 2010 - February 21, 2010
Tags : | asana | backbends | bandha | hatha yoga | kriya yoga | mudra | pranayama | shrivatsa yoga | tantra | vinyasa | yoga sutra

In this Shrivatsa workshop Matej will touch on different aspects of asana and introduce unique vinyasa sequencing. Tantric kriyas, bandhas, mudras & pranayama will be introduced to touch on the more subtle aspects of the practice and how they can be used to heal the body and soothe the miind through cleansing the subtle energetic channels (nadis). This entire workshop reflects several years of the developing a unique system introducing the integration of subtle yoga practices. Beginner and advanced practioners of any yoga system will greatly benefit from these teachings.

The symbol of “Shrivatsa” symbolizes the “infinite knot” and nature of existence without beginning or ending. It reflects a deeper state of meditation in which we realize the cyclic existence of all things. Shrivatsa Yoga is about connecting to the deeper layers of consciousness so as to realize full human potential.

Module 1: Introduction to the Shrivatsa Yoga System

February 20th 08:00-10:30

This module will begin with a talk on yoga in relation to a modern interpretation of Patanjali's yoga sutras. Asana will introduce the unique Shrivatsa Sun and Moon salutation sequences. Each salutation starts and finishes with a corresponding mantra to activate the subtle vibrations of each of the 5 elements. These Sun and Moon salutations have been specially designed to open the Anahata (heart) chakra and to revitalize and rejuvenate the entire body.

Module 2: Cleansing the Subtle Energetic Channels: Kriya, Bandha, Pranayama, Mudra

February 20th 19:00-21:30

This complex of exercises is orientated to strengthen the neuro-muscular system and cleanse the energetic channels (nadis), bringing harmony to body and mind. Bandhas, pranayama, kriya and mudra are introduced to raise sensitivity in practice by increasing the inner heat in the body to awaken the kindling flow of energy. The module will conclude with a deep-guided relaxation.

Module 3: Guiding the Energy: Back Bending - Confluence in Asana

February 21st 08:00-10:30

Matej is known around the world for his understanding of beck bending asana. This Module will focus on back bending in a unique vinyasa sequence combined with pranayama techniques and mudras. Matej will elaborate on the lower back and shoulder opening postures with step-by-step instructions and demonstrations. This sequence of asana is particularly designed to gradually increase strength, and improve flexibility as the main components to economizing the overall movement of energy.

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