Patrick Oancia & Satoko Horie: YogaJaya Baseworks: An Integrated Approach

September 13, 2013 - September 14, 2013
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The “YogaJaya Baseworks" system combines refined breathing with asana practice that ranges from working on the details in structural alignment, to promoting fluidity and grace through awareness in movement. This practice safely builds from beginner to more experienced dynamics in a complete and holistic way.

**Workshop open to all levels and backgrounds, including teachers, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Also recommended for those who regularly practice any modern hatha yoga traditions including Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Ishta, Sivananda, Anusara and or other schools of modern or classical yoga.

YogaJaya Baseworks Master Class with Satoko Horie

September 13

This class will introduce a YogaJaya Baseworks 1.0 Sequence promoting a foundational understanding of grace, biomechanics, momentum, gravity and directional energy.

YogaJaya Baseworks Workshop–Yoga anatomy building blocks with Patrick Oancia

September 14

In his teaching approach, Patrick aims to consolidate the integrated aspects of yoga to raise awareness and promote sensitivity in all aspects of life. The objective is to help ensure that we are engaged in a life-long, continually evolving and essentially healthy yoga experience.

Module 1(morning)- Foundation: Baseworks 2.0 Sequence. (All Levels, Yoga Teachers)

2 hours

The first stages of “YogaJaya Baseworks” focus on understanding the significance of the contraction and relaxation of opposing muscle groups to support the major joint complexes and their associated tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

This session will look at the key points of the “YogaJaya Baseworks” system followed by an introductory “Baseworks 2.0 Sequence”.

Module 2(afternoon)- Sthira Sukham Asanam: Core Foundation- Baseworks 3.0 Sequence. (All Levels, Yoga Teachers)

2 hours

Sthira (steady) Sukham (comfortable) Asanam (posture) is one of the many aphorisms introduced by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. It is said that when the body and mind achieve equanimity that the feet, legs, pelvis, torso, arms, hands, neck, throat and head are perfectly balanced.

When practicing with a sense of equanimity one learns to detach from the pure physical challenges while remaining confident and calm throughout.

As an extension to the 1st morning module, this session will first outline the approach to building core stability utilizing muscles that stabilize the spine, abdominal region and pelvis so as to enhance an understanding of body mechanics. This will be followed by different applications to safely practice inverted postures including headstand (sirsasana), the plow (halasana), shoulder balance (viparita karani). This will be followed by a modified “Baseworks 3.0 Sequence”.

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