Roberto Milletti: Odaka Yoga Contemporaneo Workshop

January 30, 2010 - January 31, 2010
Tags : | asana | body movement | hatha yoga | martial arts | odaka yoga

Spiral Wave Motion- the unfolding of your inner yogic expression

An interactive workshop based on theory and practical experience

This workshop will explore the extraordinary inner strength of the Spiral Wave Motion. A crescendo of intensity, intuition and free expression of ones potential. Tradition and innovation are combined to transform a better understanding of living in Joy and harmony through body movement.

Odaka Yoga Contemporaneo (Contemporary Yoga) combines the different applications of martial arts with Yoga, creating a dynamic balance between tradition and innovation. It is an art in motion, initiating the flux of conscious energy and constant transformation.

Course space Limited. Confirmation by advanced booking only.

Module 1: Surfing and spiraling the balancing poses

January 30th 08:00-10:30

This session will focus on improving balance through an introduction to the Yoga Contemporaneo sequencing in an expression of graceful movement and technical perfection. Participants will blend techniques with natural body expression, redefining the concept of transforming physical and mental limitations. Students will also attain a comprehensive yet tangible understanding of how to best approach the fun and innovative dynamics of intermediate balancing poses without exerting unnecessary effort.

Module 2: Extend and expand the subtle energetic system

January 30th 19:00-21:30

The deeper meaning of asana comes from the intuition at the core of every person. Once we efficiently tap into this, we transform into a deeper understanding of how the yoga relates to our body.

This module will introduce integral stretching so as to become aware intuitive alignment and complete body awareness. The exploration of the energy lines in various poses will bring about a greater understanding of how to establish fluidity and ease. Thus manifesting this same knowledge into experiential life.

Module 3: Yoga Warrior fusion

January 31th 08:00-10:30

In this module, students will look at the opposites that reside in everyone. The perseverance and determination of a “warrior” and the nurturing peace of acceptance. With this one can bring greater awareness to merging a balanced interplay of strength and harmony. Students will blend martial arts techniques and Yoga Postures in such a way that one will see the unique similarities and how they transparently merge into each other. Each application will focus on “awareness in action” and how to transform the “ordinary” into “extraordinary”, promoting self-confidence, and clarity.

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