Satoko Horie: Body Movement and Expression 4 Week Course

April 5, 2012 - April 26, 2012
Tags : | asana | body movement | communication | contact improvisation | hatha yoga | self-inquiry

CET (Continuing Education and Training Program)

This immersion is accredited for YJCET, and Yoga Alliance CET (continuing education) to maintain YogaJaya Accreditation and Yoga Alliance registration status.

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Our physical existence begins with the body and ends with the body. Yet we are often far more engaged in matters of the mind – focusing on what needs to be done immediately in order to function in our daily lives – than in paying attention to the vehicle that allows us to be who we are and to do what we do. Although there is no denying the significance of what the psyche is capable of doing, without a deeper awareness of and connection with the physical body, we can often find ourselves in a state of fragmented disconnectedness.

This course is an introduction to ways to raise our awareness of the body, and of what lies within and beyond the body, through a range of movements inspired by yoga, expressive arts and contact improvisation. This course is presented over a 4-week period during which participants are led through stages running from an exploration of the self, connections with others, expressing one’s self and exploring extensions beyond the self.


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Week 1: Uncovering the Self through Posture

The first session will focus on raising our awareness of the current state of our body through postural work. Whatever postural habits we have and repeat unconsciously greatly affect our emotional state, our general being, and the mental outlook that we maintain throughout our lives. By focusing on such simple yet deeply engrained aspects of ourselves, we can begin to raise our awareness of the interconnectedness between the body and the psyche.

Week 2: Playing with Touch and Gesture

In this second session, we focus on our arms and hands as key tools for the output and input of information. One part of this session is dedicated to exploring how we express ourselves through gestures, and how our gestures affect our state of being. The other part of this session is dedicated to exploring our sense of touch, and how we can input information by simply sensing and feeling.

Week 3: Connecting through Contact

As we move into into the latter half of this course, we begin to explore movement in connection and interaction with others. In this third session, we experiment with different ways in which we can move our bodies in relation to others. Through this process, we nurture our ability to not only express ourselves without words, but to also become more sensitive to the nonverbal messages of others.

Week 4: Being in the Moment through Space

In this final session, we integrate all the elements of awareness that we have nurtured over the preceding three weeks, channeling out through such expression into space by incorporating elements of spatial awareness and understanding. Combining the self and our interactions with others with how we move and position our body in space adds a new element to the way in which we explore movement and expression in general.

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