Simon Borg-Olivier: Awakening The Chakras

July 25, 2011 - July 25, 2011
Tags : | asana | chakra | hatha yoga | pranayama | yoga synergy

CET (Continuing Education and Training Program)

Morning Class 06:30-08:00
Morning Workshop 08:30-11:30

A primary purpose of the physical yoga of both India and China is to enhance the circulation of energy (prana) and information (citta) through the channels of the body. These channels are known as nadis in sanskrit but they relate to blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves as well as the acupuncture meridians of traditional Chinese medicine.

In this morning class followed by a workshop, you will learn wave-like movements of the spine, that, when moved one vertebra at a time, can help in the generation of energy and the transmission of power through the channels of the body. This process also establishes a type of ‘core stabilization’ that is both firm but calm, or ‘sthira sukham asanam’, as described in the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

You will be taught how to begin to unlock the energies of the chakras using spinal movements, the twelve 'bridges' between the conscious and unconscious mind, and specific breath-control. You will be progressively guided through 'natural breathing', 'deep abdominal breathing', 'deep thoracic breathing', and finally the very misunderstood 'complete yogic breath'. This workshop aims to practically resolve the apparent paradox of yogic breathing which is that the best breathing is no breathing at all.

The early morning class will be a 1.5 hour practical experience with mostly visual and minimal verbal instructions, followed by a 3 hour workshop which will be part theory combined with practice. Highly recommended to attend both sessions, but can also be taken separately.

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