Simon Borg-Olivier: YogaSynergy Workshop @ YogaJaya

February 23, 2009 - February 26, 2009
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Director of YogaSynergy Simon Borg-Olivier, a research scientist and physiotherapist with over 40 years of yoga practice, will be conducting a comprehensive YogaSynergy workshop for four consecutive weekday evenings.

Module 1: Energising, Strengthening and Calming

February 23rd 18:45-21:15

This module shows ways to energise and strengthen the body while remaining calm. Simon teaches special types of core stabilisation for the whole body that can stabilise and nourish your joints and muscles, prevent and heal injuries, and relieve physical pain. This practice allows you to remain calm by using diaphragmatic breathing into an abdomen firmed through posture. Techniques taught in this module help improve the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste and stored toxins, and the health of the reproductive system.

Module 2: Circulating Energy and Information

February 24th 18:45-21:15

This module teaches how to heal and nourish the body by circulating energy and information through the subtle channels. YogaSynergy is traditional hatha yoga with an understanding from exercise-based physiotherapy that has unique muscle-control and breath-control techniques that help you quickly communicate with any part of your body. These techniques can improve circulation and allow the joints and organs to function at their optimum health, thus effectively and efficiently leaving you feeling energised, nourished and healed.

Module 3: Dynamic Rejuvenation and Relaxation

February 25th 18:45-21:15

This module focuses on the four main reasons we generally need so much sleep and food. Simon will teach five important techniques and practices that can rejuvenate you by improving circulation. These techniques simultaneously induce relaxation of nerves and muscles, thus reducing your need for sleep and food. This practice can also be very useful in the relief of pain in any part of the body. Once mastered this YogaSynergy method allow your practice to look very energetic while in fact it is gathering energy and is having the same effect as healing sleep and food.

Module 4: Stilling and cleansing your body, breath and mind in dynamic meditation

February 26th 18:45-21:15

This module teaches how to increase your fitness and be able to do more while your heart and lungs work less. YogaSynergy can make your whole body function in the same way that the heart does. This allows you to do strenuous activities while remaining calm and relaxed. Simon teaches physical concentration methods that eventually lead to the meditative state. These techniques include movements and postures that create regions of compression and expansion within the body. Then once mastered the whole body can use the same pumping principle the heart uses, and can circulate blood while the heart itself can stay calm.

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