Wisdom in the Office: Bringing Yoga at Work - Workshop with Jessica Heynis & Philippe Brawerman

August 30, 2010 - August 31, 2010
Tags : | business | career design | lecture | meditation | yoga sutra

Historically the disciplines of yoga and business share little in common and are even considered antagonistic by some. This workshop introduces yogic tools and concepts to the business environment.

This workshop explores two aspects in particular:

  • how yoga can be recruited to enhance and improve the efficiency and experience of one's own individual career
  • how yoga makes available a number of tools that can aid a business in the strategic planning and execution of initiatives

The workshop will consist of two 2.5 hour sessions offering the participants a strong foundation in the practical application of yoga and how this assists the psychological and emotional needs of the individual in the context of their career and/or their business.

Module 1: Sutra and Suits

August 30th 18:45-21:15

Module 1 will have a theoretical focus. Drawing on the teachings contained in ancient yogic texts (yamas, niyamas, sutras...), this module will examine, explore, translate and interpret the traditional teachings of yoga into a 21st century context and test their applicability against current business practices and ethics. The module will also use concepts traditionally associated with economics to better understand the transactional nature of yoga and how it may apply to business in general and one's career in particular.

Module 2: Planning In Awareness

August 31st 18:45-21:15

Module 2 will have a practical focus and will equip participants with a set of tools to assist them and/or their business with strategic planning and in the execution of chosen initiatives. The module will set out three main steps to move from defining an overall strategy to setting out a detailed action plan to reach stated objectives. Consistent with traditional planning methods employed by modern business, this module incorporates yogic tools such as focused meditation to increase awareness about the business horizon and to help companies define and maintain an action plan supported by their core competencies and motivations with greater clarity and objectivity.

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