March 2, 2008 - March 2, 2008
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Xpression is a showcase bringing together artists, designers, journalists and regular people to Xpress and reflect our contemporary surroundings. Event will be held during the daytime from 1pm to 8pm on March 2, 2008 at IID (Ikejiri Institute of Design)(Mono Zukuri Gakko). There will be workshops, lectures related to travel, subculture, and sustainability, as well as performance, music and amazing healthy food.

Travel Xpression by Spectator Magazine

  • Toshimitsu Aono, Masaaki Mita, Great the Kabukicho

Toshimitsu Aono, editor and chief of quarterly subculture magazine Spectator, along with Magazine contributing photo-journalists, Masaaki Mita and Great the Kabukicho, will host a slide show with discussions about the powerful insights that come from world travel as Journalists from literary and visual expressions. Stunning photography prints will also be exhibited for the whole day.

Photo Xpression by Para Impacto

  • Patrick Oancia

Patrick Oancia will also exhibit travel photographs which represent a connection between nature, culture, subculture, connectivity and artistic expression.

Eco Xpression by xChange/ Koko Niwa/ Green TV/ Narumi Sakumi

  • Koko Niwa, Narumi Sakuma, GreenTV

Following up the 2 recent xChange fashion swap events, Xpression bring again the opportunity to swap clothes, and interconnect. There will be a presentation on ethical fashion by Narumi Sakuma. Additionally Green.TV will be screening a powerful video on climate change, fair trade, and conscious culture from the broadband environmental channel "green.tv".

Body Xpression by Tripsichore

  • Edward Clark

Edward Clark is the director of Tripsichore, a London based dance company which draws body expression inspiration from the ancient discipline of Yoga. Edward and company will do their second Tokyo performance at Xpression

Food Xpression by KongTong/eatrip

  • Daichi Tajima, Yuri Nomura

Daichi Tajima and Yuri Nomura are both renown food designers in Tokyo.
Daichi and Yuri will prepare various types of healthy snacks that can be devoured throughout the day!

Self Xpression by CycleLink/nebulabo

  • Kosuke Ono, Acharu, nebulabo

Millions of people all across Asia are tossing disposable wooden chopsticks in the rubbish every day. These 2 workshops will give you the opportunity to create your own chopsticks and chopstick carry case. The inspiration is to help people understand that by carrying your own chopsticks, you need not be a part of this depletion of natural resources in the manufacturing of disposable chopsticks.

Sound Xpression by connected/ technicolorsound / tripster/ para impacto

  • mune, patrick oancia, maxxrelax

Mune, director of connected, Patrick Oancia, director of Para Impacto/YogaJaya, and Maxxrelax of Tripster/Technicolor sounds, will be providing background ambient and downtempo music soundscapes throughout the day.



Guest designers:

"Banromsai" is an orphanage located in north Thailand. In 2007, a new shop has opened in Kamakura to support their activity, selling beautifully hand-made clothes and colorful jewelries.

Emelnopeia is a women's clothing brand seeking to address inner beauty each individual holds. The design is inspired by things like pure energy of space, connectivity, and environmental awareness.

Made in Bali, Hikari’s clothes are inspired by music, travel and nature. Their recent creations include a clothing line using organic cotton and natural dying agents, by which they are further expanding their domain of activities.

Using recycled-leather and manipulating it with painstaking work, InaRio is synonymous for its one-of-a-kind single piece skirts and other piece of clothing. In today’s world where the bond between the world of mankind and the world of nature has become weak, their aim is to make clothes which evoke animalistic instincts and traditional way of life.

Designer, Keiko Tamura is responsible for LunatiCanapa, a brand whose clothes are made in her Hayama studio surrounded by mountains and the ocean. Most of her clothes are custom-made, employing hemp while establishing in her own style, divorced from the current fashion trends.

Nebulavo is a women’s clothing brand designed by Megumi Oda. Her motto is to make a new type of clothing where she “remakes” clothes with the aim of recycling. Moreover, she employs natural materials through the incorporation of pre-existing hand-crafted objects and materials, which she encountered during her numerous trips. In today’s world where we have a flux of excessive amount of clothing, Nebulavo respects every single item and makes a conscious effort not to increase the amount of unnecessary clothes by avoiding mass production.

Renature is involved in every aspects of their clothing from harvesting organic hemp cotton, deriving from their own hemp-farm in China, to making the final products. Its hemp is widely appreciated for its natural tones, softness and durability. Renature is also known for its extensive collaborations with out-door festivals, notably Fuji Rock Festival.

A new clothing brand catered for babies which uses organic cotton from India and natural dying agents. Made in Japan of colorful colors, their e-shopping site on the web is very informative and useful. Check out their blog on their website where you can find updated information on organic clothing production and slow-life child bearing.

Announcement 1

Please do not forget to bring at least one article of clothing to swap at xPression! Please bring as many items as you wish, but please remember, they should be clean (recently washed) and pretty nice looking so that other people might want them. The main purpose of the swapping is NOT to get rid of your old tired clothes, but to become creative, reduce consumption, become more conscious about fashion, find a lovely home to your precious garment, and have fun at the same time! Also don't forget to secretly bring an extra bag, so that you can bring home as many new items as you wish!

Any left over items will be donated to Fiber Recycle Network (FRN) in Kanagawa. FRN selects useful items and send them to the needed people in asian countries. The rest will be used either for clothes to clean up machineries or recycled for sponges in car trunks. So none of the items you bring in will be wasted!

Announcement 2

Please bring your own cups, plates, spoon, chopsticks. A little bit of action is a beginning of a bigger movement.

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