YogaJaya International Intensive Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance 200hr)

February 9, 2008 - November 16, 2008
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All courses are conducted in English and Japanese with experienced interpreters for the duration of the course. Additionally the course manuals are translated into both languages.

YogaJaya understands that work commitments prevent people from immersing themselves in a consecutive daily training course. So we have designed a course to both intensify the experience and economize the time that students are immersed in the curriculum agenda per week.

The YogaJaya teacher training will take place from winter through autumn 2008. The teacher contact modules will be conducted on consecutive weekends and public holidays. Additional class attendance and assignments will be issued to comprise the additional credit hours.

What makes the YogaJaya TTs different from other Yoga teacher training programs is the emphasis on the transformation in each and every one of us toward attaining our complete potential in our lives outside the mere physical yoga practice.

The courses are designed to stimulate and revolutionalise an individual's perceptions of yoga practice and how it connects to every aspect of growth. The facilitators that have been chosen for these courses have decades of accumulated experience as yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists and artists.

YogaJaya and its vision have been recognized by some of the leading yoga organizations in the world, and continue to establish its open and diverse mission to clarify a profound but practical outlook on Yoga Lifestyle.

Faculty include:

  • Patrick Oancia (YogaJaya) - Spain/Canada/Japan
  • Edward Clark (Tripsichore) - London, UK
  • Yuiko Yasuda (Namaste Yoga Shala Shanghai) - Japan/China
  • Iva Drtina-Hall (YogaJaya) - Canada, Czech Rebublic/Japan
  • Chris Kummer (Yoga Arts/Kindayoga) - Australia/Germany
  • Dave Dobson (Hikari) - New Zealand/Bali
  • Koko (Junko) Niwa ( - Japan
  • Lisa Booth (YogaJaya) - Canada/France

Curriculum will include:

● Body Movement Therapy
-Based on dance, theatre, physiotherapy and yoga. Designed to help the individual break down inhibitions by working with the physical body as the catalyst to complete well-being.

● Self Inquiry
-Based on applied techniques of modern psychology, eastern philosophy, and life coaching to instill a multi-dimensional look at our psychological conditioning and how to manifest our real potential through awareness.

● In-depth Study Of Multiple Modern Hatha Yoga Traditions
-To draw a cross section of how each style can offer different insight into a more broad approach to practicing and teaching. Sub-modules will include specialized techniques, teaching methodology and practical application.

● Anatomy and Physiology
-To instill a scientific understanding of how our bodies work in relation to yoga and the psychic energy system.

● Foundation principles of Ayurveda
-Ayurveda is Sanskrit for “the science of life”. While developed in India thousands of years ago, looked at in a contemporary way it’s teachings offer us valuable insights into how we can maintain health and balance in today’s changing world. It sees each of us as a unique individual, yet coming from the same source, all interconnected and interrelated. In helping us understand ourselves and others, it provides us with powerful tools to take responsibility for our own health and lives, and in so doing, enriching our relationships with those around us.

● Classical and Modern Yoga Philosophy/Ethics and Lifestyle
-To offer insight into how the open philosophy of yoga can be interpreted and used a vehicle to live in harmony with one's surroundings, and to modify personal lifestyles by bringing greater awareness and welcoming changing circumstances.

● Sustainable Ethics
-This module will dive into the study of the environmental and social crisis today. We will learn that our intentions as yoga practitioners and teachers directly relate to the environment we live in. This study will give us the basis for how to better relate to our world, integrate knowledge, and directly positively influence our surroundings.

● Yoga and Career
-This course of analysis addresses issues related to the integration of yoga in the professional world, ranging from modern business and marketing techniques to promote the practice of yoga as a lifestyle enhancement, all the way to the practicalities of making a career of yoga itself as a certified instructor or yoga school director. Just as yoga blends with nature, it can blend with the man-made environment defined by careers, professional integrity, competition, collaboration, and business fundamentals. This module studies ethics within the contexts of yoga and of western business, seeking a non-contradictory and mutually sustainable common ground. It also lays out a pathway to a transparently pure value system amid the increasingly complicated interactions of yoga, health and economics in the world of modern business.

Those who complete this course will be awarded aYogaJaya International Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Alliance 200 hour).

The YogaJaya TTs are 100% practical courses.

The YogaJaya TT has outsourced sections to various recognized yoga facilitators experienced in self-inquiry, self-analysis, yoga philosophy, and contemporary cross-cultural ethics. YogaJaya believes that to become a good teacher, it is most important to study oneself and allow flexibility in welcoming change through a compassionate approach. The YogaJaya TT is set up to be an ideal platform for this transformation.

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Training Faculty


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