[CANCELED] Adrian Cox: Flying Cat-Yoga Workshop

March 26, 2011 - March 27, 2011
Tags : | arm balances | asana | backbends | bandha | hatha yoga | hip openers | inversions


Come learn some new takes on your usual yoga practice. These two all-level workshops take a few simple principles and apply them in multiple ways to get new results out of the usual postures so you can experience feather-weight inversions, a comfortably bendy spine, and ecstatic rushes of energy. Flying cat-yoga describes a synthesis approach to yoga that Adrian uses in whatever he teaches. Adrian derives these elements from Vinyasa Yoga, Scaravelli Yoga, and NLP.

Space limited. Confirmation by advanced booking only.

Module 1: Spinal Waves for Comfortable Backbends

You will learn new ways to use your hands, feet, and spine for lightness and ease in all postures. Workshop will begin doing simple postures with a new perspective and utilize your discoveries to smoothly build up to a Vinyasa pace, exploring backward bending finally tuning inwards using relaxing hip openers.

  • Discover the five arches of the body - your bandhas will strengthen, and your posture will lift
  • Find your forward bend inside your backbend - feel ease and comfort inside your backbends and forward bends
  • Spinal ripples and waves - using the movements of cat-cow pose inside of dog, plank, and backdrops
  • Find good foot arches, and open shoulders

Module 2: Feather-Light Inversions

This workshop will help you to experience natural flows of energy for a clear mind and a light body. Using Vinyasa flow yoga, you will learn to use the strength of the legs, the core, and the upward movement of your body's energy so you can easily lift into (and stay in) headstands and arm balances of all kinds.

  • Harness and direct the five flows of your body's energy
  • The connection between bandhas, energy, and your mind
  • Create lightness in standing postures and inversions

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