Chris Kummer: Practical workshops to awaken more awareness and dynamic stability in the body and mind

August 23, 2010 - August 26, 2010
Tags : | anatomy and physiology | asana | hatha yoga | health | lecture | pranayama | yoga therapy

Yoga is mostly practiced by following a given description of how to move, breathe and focus. This series of workshops explores the questions of ‘why?’ and ‘is this right for me?’ to assist in developing a personally more effective and suitable practice. Learn tools and receive powerful knowledge that enables you to lead an active life that improves with time. The refinement of movement and yoga practices can transform your yoga from exercise to therapy, self-improvement and health insurance. Yoga anatomy is about exploring your body and taking more ownership of it.

The workshop will not include an intense physical yoga practice, but will be very interactive with movement to understand the relationship with yoga and anatomy. Students are recommended to come or bring casual easy-to-move clothing, and if they prefer, to bring a yoga mat with them as none will be provided.

Module 1: Preparing the soil

August 23rd 18:45-21:15

The foundation of each pose is where the body is supported on the ground by our feet or hands or other body parts. Like growing plants need good roots and fertile soil, asanas require a firm connection to the floor. This workshop develops awareness of our arms and legs in yoga.

Topics will include:

  • Yoga and anatomy introduction – why this knowledge helps you advance your practice
  • Why being well grounded is so important
  • The structure of the hands and feet
  • Holding and supporting the arches in hands and feet
  • Standing and walking – how to balance gravity from the ground up
  • How to feel light - Wrists and shoulders in arm balances
  • Why we feel shaky in balancing postures and how to stop it

Module 2: Planting

August 24th 18:45-21:15

Movement in the body requires healthy interaction of muscles, joints and gravity. This workshop highlights the makeup, functioning and positioning of joints for asana practice.

Topics will include:

  • Elements of joints
  • Functions of joints
  • The concepts of fascia
  • The five restrictions to movement
  • Joint maintenance in asana practice
  • The knee joint – how to keep it happy!

Module 3: Growing

August 25th 18:45-21:15

Breath is life! This workshop develops an understanding of healthy breath and its importance.

Topics will include:

  • Types of breath
  • Muscles for breathing
  • Freeing the breath
  • Breath and asana
  • Breath and energy
  • Breath for health
  • The mind, body, breath connection

Module 4: Harvesting

August 26th 18:45-21:15

Since ancient times the spine is considered of highest importance for energy movement in the body. Learn how to bring more life to this vital structure inside you.

Topics will include:

  • The functional components of the spine
  • Finding your centre
  • Curves of the spine
  • Movement of the spine, the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Supporting the spine
  • Core strength and core muscles

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