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Freestyle Hatha Yoga workshop and discussions with Patrick Oancia (Montreal)

August 12, 2006 - August 12, 2006
Tags : | asana | bandha | hatha yoga | lecture | meditation | pranayama | vinyasa | yoga nidra


Saturday Morning

Vinyasa sequence, pranayama, and dhyana

・ The modern yogi-transformation through awareness
・ Pranayama and meditation for self-observation and stillness
Asana-(Flowing hatha-kundalini vinyasa sequence. Full body integration)
・ Focus on the economy of utilizing ujjayi pranayama to hold postures for longer periods. Initiating a more meditative quality in practice
・ Emphasis on observing the physical body throughout the practice, encouraging participants to realize the direct link with psychological processing and self-inquiry


Saturday Afternoon

Freestyle hatha yoga

・ Discomfort in Yoga, Discomfort in Life--Embracing the challenge.
Asana(Details in alignment. Working intelligently with limitations)-
・ Flowing from standing postures to balancing postures. Working with active quadriceps to naturally trigger uddiyana, and moola bandha.
・ Arm balancing, inversions, abdominal. Utilizing the bandhas as the psychic levers to lighter practice and grounded ness.
・ Yoga Nidra- Conscious deep sleep relaxation for spiritual exploration.


Featured Instructors

Patrick Oancia

YogaJaya Founder | BASEWORKS Founder | ERYT500 | YACEP

Creator or the BASEWORKS Practice Movement System and founder of YogaJaya...

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